TwoFlu's graffiti designed bmw car

Wheels of Art: 5 Cars Transformed into Graffiti Masterpieces

Graffiti has long been synonymous with urban culture and artistic rebellion. From its humble beginnings as unauthorized street art to its elevation as a recognized art form, graffiti has made its mark on various mediums. In the realm of automotive art, the fusion of graffiti and cars has resulted in extraordinary masterpieces. This blog post will explore five cars transformed into jaw-dropping graffiti artworks. So get ready to be amazed as we delve into the captivating world where wheels meet art.

Keith Haring's graffiti decorated BMW Z1
Keith Haring’s graffiti-decorated BMW Z1

1) Keith Haring’s graffiti-decorated BMW – Let’s kick off with one genuinely remarkable graffiti car. We are talking about one legendary street artist – Keith Haring. One of Keith Haring’s notable collaborations involved transforming a BMW car into a rolling canvas of his distinctive characters and bold lines.

Haring’s graffiti car became a testament to his belief in art’s ability to transcend traditional boundaries and make a powerful statement on wheels. Keith Haring painted a red BMW Z1 at Hans Mayer Gallery in Düsseldorf in 1987, which is now housed in a private collection. The car shows Haring’s strong, graphic line and his characteristic repertoire of emblematic signs.

JonOne paints a Rolls Roys car in his unique graffiti style
JonOne paints a Rolls Roys car in his unique graffiti style

2) JonOne’s graffiti-decorated Rolls Royce – Celebrated for his energetic and vibrant graffiti compositions, this is JonOne’s remarkable art project. Jonone performed a painting on a Rolls Royce car owned by former Manchester United and France football player turned actor Eric Cantona during a television show.

Inspired by the velocity and freedom of the urban environment, JonOne’s graffiti-designed car features an explosion of colors and abstract shapes that captivate the eye and celebrate the spirit of street art on four wheels.

TwoFlu's graffiti-designed BMW car
TwoFlu’s graffiti-designed BMW car

3) Twoflü’s graffiti-decorated BMW – Twoflü is a graffiti artist renowned for his combination of calligraphy and abstract painting. By often flirting with those two styles, Twoflü creates mesmerizing pieces of art. Fascinated by the aesthetics found in letters, he dares to delve deep into the shape of a word, approaching the challenge differently. His perplexing style is rooted in calligraphy but playfully moves toward abstract painting.

TwoFlü’s graffiti car is a visual feast that showcases his ability to seamlessly blend graffiti and calligraphy. The car’s exterior becomes an ever-evolving tapestry of shapes and forms, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a surreal world of art on the move.

SheOne's abstract graffiti vintage English car doors
SheOne’s abstract graffiti vintage English car doors

4) SheOne’s graffiti-decorated vintage English car doors – SheOne (James Choules) is a British artist who is widely recognized as a pioneer of European and abstract Graffiti. SheOne’s unique style merges street art with contemporary aesthetics. This artist examines the possibilities and limitations of a painting by experimenting with the ambition to depict the world without the distraction of many colors. His graffiti car doors showcase a mesmerizing blend of dynamic brushstrokes and expressive monochrome movement.

While we wait for the pics of the whole car, we have these stunning graffiti-designed car doors. By adorning a car with his signature style, SheOne transforms a vehicle into a moving work of art that commands attention wherever it goes. Just imagine what the whole car would look like if the doors look this astonishing.

Graffiti designed Mini Cooper by Matt W. Moore
Graffiti-designed Mini Cooper by Matt W. Moore

5) Matt W. Moore’s graffiti-decorated Mini Cooper – Matt W. Moore is an American illustrator, painter, and designer, with a background in action board sports and the action art of graffiti. Known for his vibrant and symmetrical compositions, Moore’s graffiti car embodies his signature aesthetics. The vehicle becomes a moving kaleidoscope of shapes and colors, blurring the boundaries between art and transportation. Moore’s intricate graffiti design work creates a mesmerizing visual experience that pushes the boundaries of what is expected from automotive art.

Images: Keith Haring Foundation, JonOne, SheOne, WideWalls