El Pez Happy Hollidays Limited edition print detail

Top 5 Unique Street Art Prints Under €500

A 500 euros can get you an investment-worthy street art print – if you know where to look and what to look for. That’s where we jump in. Here, we will show you the Top 5 Unique Street Art Prints Under €500.

Love Bats - Blue by nick walker
Nick Walker – Love Bats blue limited edition print

Shopping for unique street art prints for around €500 can sometimes feel like a bleak endeavor. It’s a middle ground between grail-level art pieces and affordable prints you can get pretty much everywhere. If you’re currently in this situation, fear not: €500 can get you a great and unique street art print. It’s important to mention that all these unique street art prints are inspired by real-life street art murals and graffiti. These are the absolute fines street art prints under €500, and the best part, they are all available now and can be ordered online with minimal hassle. Ready for some heavy art badassery to rock out the rest of your day?

1) Ben Eine I’m So Happy Very Very Happy limited edition street art print — The very first street art print on our list comes from the king of lettering – Ben Eine. Through his distinct typographic style, Ben Eine quickly established himself as one of the most successful letterform artists in the world. “I’m So Happy Very Very Happy” is a limited edition street art print released on 10.06.2021. This unique street art print radiate positivity, offering an optimistic outlook on life. With its edition size of 75, this street art print is a true bang for your buck.

2) Sabek Heat limited edition street art print — “Heat” is a limited edition street art print by the famous Spanish street artist Sabek. This limited edition print was released on the 6th of May, 2022 as a collaboration between Sabek and 2B Art Gallery in an edition of 40 +10 AP. “Heat” is a symbol and embodiment of many of humanity’s hopes and dreams. Sabek brilliantly connotes both the human and the divine spirit through the soaring freedom of movement and the linking of earth and sky. This print shows the freedom and nobility of the animal kingdom, perfectly wrapped within urban art.

3) Nick Walker Love Bats Red limited edition street art print — Now, this is something. This mesmerizing limited edition street art print comes from the living legend of street art Nick Walker. Released on the 7th of July, 2021, Love Bats comes in 9 different variations, each in different limited edition sizes. A true serenity and tranquility, this artwork expresses the splendor, the peace, and the awe of the moment. This is a part of Vandal’s endless story, a challenge to take another step in his mystical journey. Let this print serve as a reminder of humanity’s strong connection to love.

4) El Pez Happy Holidays limited edition street art print — Submerge yourself in the dreamlike, experimental editions of Barcelona-born and based street art master El Pez. A trailblazer of Barcelona street art, El Pez is a famous street artist well-known for his character smiling fish. Inspired by his family holiday in Mallorca, El Pez created this limited edition street art print “Happy Holidays” full of little rascals having fun. Released on 14.07.2021, Happy Holidays is a limited edition street art print in 5 different variations and editions. Let the shenanigans begin with El Pez and his joyful art.

5) The London Police Bork Holding Lads’ Green limited edition street art print — Last but not least limited edition street art print you can get under €500 comes from the amazing street art duo – The London Police. Chaz Barrison draws the smiley ‘Lads’ characters and Bob Gibson draws the Robotic characters. Released on January 28, 2022, Bork Holding Lads is a limited edition street art print in two color variations with an edition size of 44 + 6AP. The main character ‘Bork’ is a bit of a Frankenstein creation. It features a smiley head of a ‘Lad’ and the body of a mechanical robot. Inside its chest cavity is a water tank filled with swimming ‘Squillads’. The robotic ‘Bork’ is happily holding up two ‘Totem pole Lads’ while the worker bee ‘Minions’ (small human-like masked folk) busy themselves around the shoes under the watchful supervision of the flying ‘Trilads’.

These are the best prints to get when you don’t want to spend a fortune on a unique street art print.

Photos: The Art of Nick Walker