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He took the art world by storm. His design is everywhere. Everything he touches turns to gold. Yes, we are talking about one of the most famous artists and designers out there – Kaws. If you know at least something from the world of contemporary art, you’ve obviously heard this name before. For those who have been living under a rock, here’s a brief summary of what Kaws does best. Brian Donelly aka Kaws is an American artist and designer known for his toys, paintings, and prints. He literally, overnight, rose to prominence and became one of the street artists to know. A former graffiti artist and skateboarder, Kaws stands up for popular art that is accessible to all (well, it used to be). The guy who started as a street artist, quickly climbed the ladder to the art galleries worldwide, becoming a significant figure in the contemporary art world.

Kaws family black vinyl toys at 2B Art Gallery
Family – Black Set

By drawing inspiration from the world of cinema, television, and urban culture, Kaws designs and creates truly eye-catching pieces of art. And by that, we mean on, let’ say, that enormous sculpture on the Hong Kong waters couple of years ago. You can’t unsee it, right? Pretty much, Kaws became one of the artists who has conquered the world with his unique and quirky toys.

Kaws family vinyl toys at 2B Art Gallery
Family – Brown Set

It’s safe to say that Kaws’ legacy is “bringing” vinyl art toys to the luxury art market. And while we talk about the luxury art market, the sovereign rulers are our beloved Bearbrick figures. When Kaws joined forces with the Medicom Toy Company, one of the best collaborations in the world of toys and collectibles was born.

And now, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the top 10 Kaws X Bearbrick figures.

Bearbrick Kaws Dissected 1000% Black

1) Bearbrick Kaws Dissected 1000% Black — Let’s start the list with this ultra-famous black figure. This amazing Bearbrick figure is Kaws’s most iconic cartoon character, Companion. The right half of Bearbrick’s body is cut open so the viewer can see into his body, which is rendered in bright and vibrant colors. The brain, lungs, liver, and intestines are rendered in uncharacteristic colors. Pretty wild, huh? This Bearbrick figure can be found in several color combinations and sizes.

Bearbrick KAWS TENSION 1000%

2) Bearbrick Kaws Tension 1000% Alright, let’s break the tension with this fantastic colorful Bearbrick figure. This Bearbrick figure bears all over his body Kaws’ unique compositions of bright and bold lines and shapes rendered in a graffiti style. Tension Bearbrick figure is available in various dimensions.

Bearbrick Kaws Chomper 1000%

3) Bearbrick Kaws Chomper 1000% — This rare and limited edition Bearbrick figure was produced as a collaboration between Kaws, Japanese music festival Avex Summer Festa and the Medicom Toy. The exclusive Bearbrick figure combines iconic Kaws trademarks such as the “X” eyes and “Chomper” teeth with the blue color in tribute to the summertime Japanese music festival Avex Summer Festa.

Bearbrick WORLD WIDE TOUR KAWS (Karimoku Wood) 400%

4) Bearbrick Kaws World Wide Tour (Karimoku Wood) 400% — When Kaws, Medicom Toy, and Karimoku joined forces, the final product can’t go wrong. This Bearbrick figure, with its unique design and finish touch, belongs to the list of the most sought-after Bearbrick figures.

KAWS Originalfake 6th Anniversary Bearbrick 1000%

5) Bearbrick Kaws Originalfake 6th Anniversary 1000% — Now, this is a blast from the past: Coming in all the way back from 2012, this rather unique Bearbrick figure celebrates the sixth anniversary of the OriginalFake and Medicom Toy collabs, all with a touch by Kaws.

Bearbrick x KAWS Original Fake x Nexus 7 Karimoku 400%

6) Bearbrick Kaws Original Fake x Nexus 7 Karimoku 400% — Another astonishing figure from Kaws and Karimoku. Made in 2007, this unique Bearbrick figure is made from luxury wood and designed by Karimoku and Kaws.

KAWS x Bearbrick x Takara Tomy Choro-Q Figure & Car Set

7) Bearbrick Kaws x Takara Tomy Choro-Q Figure & Car Set — Wow, this is something. Kaws Bearbrick figure in a Kaws car. This Bearbrick set is born out of the marriage between Medicom Toy/Takara Tomy and Kaws. Fancy a ride?

Bearbrick Kaws 1000% Grey Mono

8) Bearbrick Kaws Grey Mono 1000% — Coming all way back from 2002, this is an ancient relic. The classic one. Kaws was an early artistic partner for the Medicom Toy and released his first Bearbrick figure in 2002, just one year after the toy company Medicom introduced the character to the public. Kaws’ Bearbrick showcased the artist’s signature figure, the “Companion,” with rounded teddy ears and Xs in place of eyes. This figure can be found in various colors and sizes.

KAWS Bearbrick Dissected 1000% Brown

9) Bearbrick Kaws Dissected 1000% Brown — Companion is one of a set of stock characters created by Kaws that appear repeatedly throughout his artworks. Half of the Bearbrick’s body appears normal, yet the other half shows the organs, muscles, and skeleton that lie beneath the cartoon’s skin. Truly amazing.

Bearbrick Kaws Dissected 1000%

10) Bearbrick Kaws Dissected 1000% Gray — With its signature X eyes, this Kaws’ Bearbrick figure looks like half of his body has had its flesh removed, exposing his internal organs, muscles, and skeleton. And that’s why we love it.

Which one is your favorite?

Photos: KAWS


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