The Karimoku brand has been firmly established as a synonym of fine-quality furniture. As Japan's leading manufacturer of wooden furniture, Karimoku has been making wood furniture for more than 70 years.⁠ The company produced various wooden parts in the ensuing decades, developing a range of techniques before launching its own line of wooden furniture in the 1960s.
"Karimoku is a word made up of two Japanese words — “Kari”, short for “Kariya”, a name of the Japanese town in which the company was founded, and “Moku”, short for “Mokuzai” meaning “Wood” in Japanese. So you might say that the company name summarizes their identity."
The true game-changer happened when Karimoku Company made its first collaboration with another Japanese brand - Medicom Toy. Today, they create some of the most sought-after and expensive Bearbrick figures, with unique design and finish touch.
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