Dadara - In Like We Trust artwork

The Magic Carpets of Dadara

The magic carpet has long been an object used in folklore stories for many centuries. The legendary flying carpet is an essential part of many stories in the Eastern World, appearing in ancient Jewish texts, the Arabian One Thousand and One Nights, and most recently in the well-known Disney’s Aladdin. In nearly all the legends and folklore, the magic carpet is used to portray the power of the carpet’s master. “I can open your eyes, Take you wonder by wonder, Over, sideways and under, On a magic carpet ride”.

Signature rugs inspired by the art of the phenomenal Dadara

Dadara artist

Today, we have a different kind of magic carpet. We present you the amazing carpets by Dadara & Moooi Carpets. But the main question is – Will Dadara’s carpet give you any sort of power?

Like4Real carpet by Dadara

Probably not, but it might give you something much much better – It will open your mind! It will show you the beauty of art.

Open your mind capet by Dadara

These carpets are not just colors or thoughtless decorations. These carpets are comic, decorative, and whimsical, they are the essence of Dadara’s astonishing art. They are the true examples of what Dadara’s art stands for – the betterment of humanity.

Solipmission carpet by Dadara

Through his remarkably brilliant art, Dadara is encouraging us to question the role that media and propaganda play in our conscious and unconscious decisions. His art displays a notion of socio-economical conditions and political context brilliantly wrapped and hidden.

Matchbulb carpet by Dadara

All Dadara Mandalara Carpets are created to be produced on our new high pile soft yarn quality. This luxurious material makes it an extremely soft and comfy carpet you want to touch and lay down on forever.

Game Over carpet by Dadara

These carpets are a game-changer that could revitalize the social hub of a home, office, or any place you imagine. They truly are magical.

Dadara Open your Mind Artwork

Photos: Moooi Carpets