Joan Agulio and his mural

Meet Joan Aguilo and his larger-than-life murals

There is something to childhood memories. They keep coming back to us to remind us who we are and to keep us in touch with our real selves. To describe Joan Aguilo‘s art in one sentence would be something like this: “inviting viewers through art to engage with the personal and often repressed memories of their younger years”. Driven with emotional and physical significance, Joan Aguilo draws attention to how earlier life can shape both personal and artistic development. Through his body of work, Joan looks at the nostalgia in a very personal way. Just simply observe those essential moments of experience.

Joan Aguilo's mural

Joan Aguilo’s murals help to create a larger-than-life experience, which connects individual dreams to form a work of art. His art makes a visual narrative and tells stories through colored murals. By contextualizing his work through its title, concept, and idea, we often perceive the metaphorical and allegorical aspects of our contemporary world. His art shares in the entire experience of being human. Joan Aguiló’s both indoor and outdoor artworks possess a timeless quality that continues to appeal to young and old alike.
Now, when we know about Joan’s magnificent art, it is time to discover more about him, his beginning, inspirations, future plans, and much more.

Joan Aguilo painting mural

2B: How did you start? Do you remember your first artwork?

JA: Since childhood, I have always liked drawing and painting. I don´t remember starting on a specific day, but rather not stopping (with more or less intensity). My first mural was in Santa Margarita (Mallorca). I learned a lot of things during the process but the main one was getting used to heights with a truck crane that seemed somewhat unsafe.

Joan Aguilo's street art mural

2B: What inspires you?

JA: I am addicted to creative processes, of whatever kind. So I am fascinated by watching people do their work with passion, trying to take themselves and their work to the next level. I don´t care if it is theatre, music, painting, cooking, sport, agriculture, or engineering.

Joan Aguilo's mural on a building

2B: Galleries, museums, or the streets?

JA: Each space plays a role and, although they all seem interesting to me, public spaces are what most appeal to me. I like the idea that the work has its own life: birth, development, and death (or not).

Mural by Joan Aguilo

2B: Why street art and not another type of art?

JA: I like the conversation between the creator, work, and the community.

Joan Aguilo's gigantic mural

2B: Tell us a place where you always wanted to paint a mural?

JA: Berlin, which is where I encountered street art.

Joan Agulo's mural at Parc de sa Riera

2B: If you wanted your message to reach a specific audience in a powerful and transcendent way, where would you make your work or where would you place it?

JA: Every project has its place and form, it is difficult for me to give a generic example.

Joan Aguilo and his mural

2B: Which technique do you most identify with?

JA: Although I normally use plastic paint, acrylic, and spray, I like to experiment and try new things and gradually integrate them into my works.

Joan Aguilo paints

2B: If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

JA: At the moment I paint because I enjoy doing it, if that stops happening one day, I will seek out whatever my passion has moved towards.

Joan Aguilo paints mural

2B: Do you believe that Street Art has now stopped being something transgressive and has become a formal category of art?

JA: I don´t know. It may be that some formal matters in street art have been accepted by galleries and institutions and, gradually, they are being labeled and pigeon-holed.

Joan Aguilo's mural

2B: Do you listen to music when you create art? If so, which one?

JA: A little bit of everything, although I am a fan of Antòniia Font.

Photos: Joan Aguilo


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