Keith Haring Bearbrick figure at 2B Art Gallery

Line Up: The Keith Haring Bearbrick Figures



Here it is guys – The ultimate Keith Haring Bearbrick list. Painstakingly researched & updated for each figure, this list sums up Keith Haring’s amazingness in the form of Bearbrick figures and we got it all down on one page. Keith Haring is a true legend in the world of art who was a celebrated artist, an established figure among his fellow artists, accepted by critics, and loved by everyone. He left behind an enormous oeuvre of art which is even today in demand more than ever. But here, as Bearbrick buffs, our center of attention will be solely on the Bearbrick figures.

The Keith Haring Foundation has been working closely with Medicom Toy company for many years, producing some of the most sought-after Bearbrick figures. For eagle-eyed observers, we split this page into several sub-articles so don’t freak out and read on before telling us we missed some Bearbrick figure. Here we will only focus on just Keith Haring’s figures (without his collabs with Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat). So without further ado, let’s get this show on the road.

Keith Haring Bearbrick figure #1

1) The first-ever collaboration between Medicom Toy and The Keith Haring Foundation brought us one of his most famous patterns – Bearbrick Keith Haring #1

Bearbrick Keith Haring #2

2) This one is the second Bearbrick figure Medicom Toy x Keith Haring Foundation created and features a pink, blue, and black design – Bearbrick Keith Haring #2

Bearbrick Keith Haring #3

3) Released at Designer Con 2018, this Bearbrick Keith Haring #3 design features a red, blue, and yellow colorway with Keith Haring linework along with Keith Haring’s signature printed on the back. 

Bearbrick Keith Haring #4

4) The number #4 collaboration of Medicom Toy and The Keith Haring Foundation gave us this unique black and white figure with a contrasting and hypnotic all-over pattern, specific to the style of Keith Haring.

Bearbrick Keith Haring #5

5) This Bearbrick Keith Haring #5 is yellow in color with a contrasting and hypnotic multicolored pattern, specific to the style of Keith Haring.

Bearbrick Keith Haring #6

6) It’s all about love, isn’t it? The Bearbrick Keith Haring #6 features a pattern of his “Heart Face” in bold red that pops out against the plain white background. Printed on the back is Keith Haring’s signature.

Bearbrick Keith Haring #7

7) Released on DesignerCon 2020, this Bearbrick Keith Haring #7 figure is all wrapped in an American flag with the artistic touch of Keith Haring.

Bearbrick Keith Haring #8

8) The Bearbrick Keith Garing #8 brings the classic Keith Haring pattern – The iconic black and white figures produced by the artist in the 1980s are stamped all over the Bearbrick’s body.

An image of Bearbrick x Keith Haring Mickey Mouse 1000%

9) Bearbrick Keith Haring x Mickey Mouse is a truly unique representation of Disney’s most famous character. The monochromatic Bearbrick features Haring’s psychedelic Mickey Mouse illustrations printed all over the body divided by squiggly lines, polka dots, and swirls.

Bearbrick Keith Haring Andy Mouse 1000%

10) Bearbrick Keith Haring Andy Mouse presents Haring’s brilliant combination of his dear friend and fellow artist Andy Warhol with Disney’s pop icon Mickey Mouse.

Photos: Medicom Toy


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