Tall Bearbrick figure in Singapore

Gigantic Bearbrick appears in Singapore

What a time to be alive for Bearbrick aficionados. The world’s tallest Bearbrick has appeared in Singapore. With a whopping height of 5.6 meters, this astonishingly large Bearbrick figure stands tall & proud in front of the shopping mall Raffles City in Singapore.

Tallest Bearbrick in the world

Year after year, shopping malls do all kinds of stuff to bring our attention (especially in the Christmas season), but we think we have a winner this year.

The award for the best (and the largest) creativity surely has to go to Raffles City and their colossal Bearbrick figure.

Bearbrick figure at Shopping Mall in Singapore

Coming in the size of 8000%, you can find this extraordinary Bearbirck figure at the Raffles City’s External Quartzite, just outside the cross junction at Stamford Road in Singapore.

Large Bearbrick figure in Singapore

But there’s more – The shopping mall has teamed up with Medicom Toy company to produce yet another “unusual” Bearbrick figure for this occasion.

Bearbrick Candy Cane

We are talking about the new Raffles City Bearbrick Candy Cane 2000%, designed exclusively by ActionCity. Apart from that, there will also be several Bearbrick figures displayed in various sizes decked in Christmas colors and post-modern designs.

Bearbrick Candy Cane in Singapore shopping mall

Who knows, maybe this huge Bearbrick figure will set a new record in the Guinness World Records book. We still remember the last year when the largest collection of Bearbrick figures consisting of 1,008 bears was achieved by the collector Gao Ke (China) in Beijing, China, on 20 December 2020. So, it’s never too late to start your own Bearbrick collection.

Largest bearbrick collection guinness world records

Ahh…..good times.

Photos: Raffles City, Guinness World Records