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A Complete Guide to Street Art Prints: Everything You Should Know

Street art has transcended its urban origins and found a home in galleries and homes around the world. For those who admire the vibrant creativity of street artists but may not have access to original murals, street art prints offer an accessible and exciting way to bring this dynamic form of expression into your personal space. In this guide, we’ll delve into everything you should know about street art prints, from understanding the basics to exploring their significance in the art world.

Nick Walker's limited edition print "Half The Time"
Nick Walker’s limited edition print “Half The Time”

What Are Street Art Prints?

Street art prints are reproductions of original street art created by artists. Unlike mass-produced posters, these prints are usually produced in limited quantities, often signed and numbered by the artist. They capture the essence of the original work and allow enthusiasts to own a piece of the artist’s vision.

Types of Street Art Prints

Open Edition Prints:

Limited Edition Prints:

Screen Prints:

  • Also known as silk-screen prints.
  • Created by pushing ink through a mesh screen onto paper.
  • Often used for bold and graphic images.

Giclée Prints:

Why Collect Street Art Prints?


Limited Edition Exclusivity:

Artist Support:

  • Purchasing prints directly supports artists.
  • Artists often release prints as a way to make their work accessible to a broader audience.
A limited edition print by The Dotmaster - Trash Bag Still Life - DIOR Edition - Purple
A limited edition print by The Dotmaster – Dior Edition – Purple

How to Authenticate Street Art Prints

Artist’s Signature:

Certificate of Authenticity:

Where to Find Street Art Prints

Art Galleries:

  • Many galleries specialize in urban and street art.
  • Attend exhibitions or check online galleries to discover prints.

Artist Websites:

  • Street artists often sell prints directly through their websites.
  • Provides a chance to support the artist and learn more about their work.

Specialized Print Shops:

  • Some shops focus exclusively on producing and selling prints.
  • A curated selection from various artists may be available.
Limited edition print by Nick Walker entitled Time and Space
Limited edition print by Nick Walker entitled Time and Space

Caring for Street Art Prints



  • Handle prints with clean, dry hands to avoid oils and dirt.
  • Store prints in a cool, dry place to prevent warping or fading.
Ben Eine I’m So Happy Very Very Happy print
Ben Eine – I’m So Happy Very Very Happy


Street art prints offer a captivating entry point into the world of urban art, allowing enthusiasts to bring the energy and creativity of the streets into their homes. From understanding the types of artworks to knowing where to find them, this guide equips you with the knowledge to navigate the vibrant world of street art prints. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the scene, there’s a street art print waiting to become a part of your personal art collection.

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