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6 British Street Artists Who Are Raising The Bar (Excluding Banksy)

When it comes to the British street art scene, Banksy often steals the spotlight with his enigmatic identity and thought-provoking creations. However, the UK is also home to a plethora of other incredibly talented street artists who are pushing boundaries and making their mark on the urban art scene.

So today, we will introduce you to six remarkable British street artists, excluding Banksy. These guys are raising the bar with their unique styles and captivating artwork. From Nick Walker’s iconic stencils to The London Police’s playful characters, these artists deserve recognition for their exceptional contributions to the street art world.

Nick Walker

Nick Walker paints a mural at 2B Art Gallery
Nick Walker paints a mural at 2B Art Gallery

One cannot discuss British street art without mentioning Nick Walker. Hailing from Bristol, Walker is known for his extraordinary stencil work and the creation of the iconic “gentleman vandal” character.

His street art often combines wit, social commentary, and impeccable execution. Nick Walker’s pieces have adorned walls and galleries worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the urban landscape and inspiring a generation of street artists.

Ben Eine

Ben Eine paints a mural at 2B Art Gallery
Mr. Ben Eine paints a mural at 2B Art Gallery

Ben Eine is an extraordinary British street artist celebrated for his captivating lettering and typography-based artwork. Known for his vibrant and striking lettering, Ben Eine has made an indelible mark on the British street art scene.

With a keen eye for bold colors and intricate designs, Eine has transformed mundane shop shutters and city walls into visually stunning masterpieces. His distinctive style and meticulous attention to detail have garnered international recognition, making his work highly sought after from London to LA.

The Dotmaster

Dotmaster paints mural at 2B Art Gallery Calvia
Dotmaster paints a mural at 2B Art Gallery

The Dotmaster, a pseudonym for London-based artist Leon Seesix, is a renowned British street artist. He is known for his clever and thought-provoking stencil work. Leon is an extremely talented artist, and we all love his impeccable art with a strong element of satire aimed at the absurdity of everyday life.

His creations often incorporate elements of pop culture and satire, delivering powerful messages with a touch of dark humor. The use of intricate stencils and attention to detail create visually captivating pieces that engage viewers and challenge societal norms.

The London Police

The London Police, Nick Walker, Montserrat Torras Planas and SheOne at 2B Art Gallery Palma
TLP lads, Nick Walker, Montserrat Torras Planas and SheOne at 2B Art Gallery Palma

The London Police is a dynamic duo comprising Bob Gibson and Chaz Barrisson. They have been creating captivating street art together since the late 1990s. Just two great guys with a passion for art and a mission to make this world a prettier place.

Their signature LADS characters, with their rounded heads and whimsical expressions, exude a sense of playfulness and positivity. Their murals can be found around the world, spreading joy and injecting vibrant colors into the urban landscape.


SheOne in front of his painting at 2B Art Gallery Palma
SheOne in front of his painting at 2B Art Gallery Palma

James Choules, better known as SheOne, is a British graffiti artist and abstract painter whose work transcends the boundaries of street art and contemporary art. With a background in traditional graffiti, SheOne has evolved his style into a fusion of calligraphy, graffiti, and abstract expressionism.

SheOne’s bold brushwork, vibrant color palette, and dynamic compositions capture the raw energy of the streets, leaving a lasting impression on both art enthusiasts and passersby.


While Banksy rightfully holds a prominent place in the world of British street art, it is essential to acknowledge and appreciate the exceptional talents of other artists who are equally instrumental in shaping the urban art scene.

Nick Walker’s stencils, Ben Eine’s captivating lettering, The Dotmaster’s satirical pieces, SheOne’s abstract expressionism, and The London Police’s playful characters all contribute to the vibrancy and diversity of British street art. As they continue to push boundaries, these British street artists are solidifying their place in the global art world, captivating audiences and raising the bar for urban art everywhere.

Photos: The Art of Nick Walker, Ben Eine, The Dotmaster, The London Police, SheOne


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