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2B Art Gallery Pre-Opening

2B Art Gallery is pleased to announce an upcoming expansion and move to another home at Palma de Mallorca. Yes, we are expanding horizons, you got that straight, and we’ll have two art spaces on the lovely Mallorca. Marking a significant milestone for the gallery, this expansion is a direct response to the growth of our artists and the development of their practices. Simply named 2B Art Gallery, this location in the heart of Palma de Mallorca will continue to be representative of the way in which the gallery functions and identifies as an organization.

The plan is part of a larger strategic vision that aims to bring the best of urban art from all over the world, through extraordinary collections, exhibitions, and programs, by reflecting the people who live in Mallorca. This ambitious project undertakes points to the central role urban art plays in luring larger, younger, and more diverse audiences. 2B Art Gallery will feature the work of more than 20 artists, including some of the biggest names in the world of street art: Nick Walker, Buff Monster, Ben Eine, The London Police, Dotmaster, El Pez, Dadara, SheOne, Lucy Sparrow, Nerone, and many others.

2B Art Gallery international artists

For the new gallery space, we aim to expand our footprint as an international gallery in Palma which will introduce the best of the contemporary urban art scene to Mallorca. Meanwhile, our space in Calvia will continue to promote contemporary art and limited edition designer toys to its visitors. Bottom line, we’ll continue to seek and draw crowds by tapping art-world heavyweights to come up with bold ideas. By closely working with some of the major players in the world of urban art, 2B Art Gallery will offer original artworks in an innovative form. Nourishing the urban art movement and imagination, merging the boundaries between entertainment and culture with the hope of exposing the public to art in an entirely new way, our aim is to be the premier art gallery in the world of contemporary art. The ever-growing collection of rare and newly released pieces from eminent street artists with an array of works not found elsewhere make 2B Art Gallery a must-visit location for all art lovers and collectors.

Invitation card for the opening of 2B Art Gallery

This April, 2B Art Gallery will open a new location at the core of Palma de Mallorca. The 900 square meter space, which will include an exhibition space, a viewing room, and what we call an “entertainment zone,” will be inaugurated with a DJ party and lots of cocktails.

Be a part of the grand pre-opening

Your presence will surely make the event even more special for us. The opening of the 2B Art Gallery is a must-see for those keeping a finger on the pulse of contemporary art. Prepare your shoes for a night of multi-media extravaganza, urban art masterpieces, great cocktails, and the finest beats of DJ Rosana Nun. Feel the train of urban art starting to jump the tracks in the heart of Palma de Mallorca.

It is free to enter, free to visit, and open to all. Space is limited, please visit the link below to book an appointment:

Save the date April 7th – Be there or be square.