Nerone is a well-known French street artist who has conquered the art world with his sublime style of painting. By mixing floral art in an abstract style, Nerone brings the spotlight onto the colors and blooming appeal of the subject. His art is unique. The chaos on the walls or canvas does not reflect the meticulous and inventive process that allows him to capture the motion.

Nerone's art represents a fresh breath in the world of street art. His compelling works of art speak to viewers in a very absorbing and dynamic way with an unstoppably upbeat vibe. Resonantly ambiguous, Nerone's artworks invite viewers to recruit their own imaginations in working out different ways to interpret them, while often questioning how their social reception might shift among different audiences. His art draws on the power of the medium to both transfix us and to undo our ingrained ways of seeing and thinking. Nerone finds inspiration in the city lights, music, clubs, and urban life.

In 2007, Nerone has started Le Coktail collective, in which he takes part in numerous projects that include street art, graffiti, graphic design, painting, set design, and decoration. Throughout his fruitful career, he has been commissioned to work for different artistic events around the world, such as the International Flowers Festival in Seoul, the FIA Formula E Championship in Berlin, and the Flower Show Turkey in Istanbul. His colorful and outlandish murals can be found all over the world, including Paris, New York, Cartagena, Bangkok, Berlin, Marrakech, Mallorca, and Seoul. Nerone has also worked for various international companies including Celebrity Cruises, Danone, Puma, Jaguar Land Rover…

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