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Nerone Artist Brings His Sensational Art to Mallorca Exhibition



Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Nerone brings his A-game to Mallorca. From June 9 and on view until June 30, 2022, the 2B Art Gallery in Palma de Mallorca will present the “Digitalia” exhibition of the internationally renowned street artist Nerone. Admire works never shown in Mallorca before, including a selection of artworks exclusively created for this exhibition. The “Digitalia” exhibition presents a rich variety of paintings, portraits, and wood boards that treat subjects ranging from street art to abstract art.

Nerone Digitalia exhibition at 2B Art Gallery

When we think about it, only a handful of street artists have managed to make a cultural impact the way Nerone is doing it. What actually started as a street art collective Le Coktail, evolved into a deep artistic solo practice, gracing streets, walls, and galleries all over the world.

Nerone mural

What makes Nerone’s body of work so unique is the seemingly simple message that the canvases convey, carrying so much more than what meets the eyes. Known for his anti-establishment outlook, Nerone creates truly electrifying works of art. By coquetting with abstract art, Nerone is masterfully placing greater emphasis on the visual sensation of street art.

Painting by Nerone - Monstera Deliciosa
Nerone – Monstera Deliciosa

His neon melting flowers represent a unique visual language of shape, form, color, and line that create a stunning composition. The idea is to communicate with the viewers in an attempt to understand “reality”. Throughout all his majestic artworks, Nerone puts flowers as the focal point, showing a multitude of emotions and feelings: from love, passion, and desire to purity, innocence, or even death.

Painting by Nerone - Bolt 2
Nerone – Bolt 2

Especially with a dripping or neon effect to it. Or some bold lines and letters. The result is simply eye-catching and marvelous. Talking about his geometric abstract art, Nerone is shedding the light on the true liberation of street art. His diverse range of artworks communicates emotion, memory, inner strength, and spiritual beliefs.

Painting by Nerone - Peace, Love & Unity
Painting by Nerone – Peace, Love & Unity

Nerone’s art draws on the power of the medium to both transfix us and undo our ingrained ways of seeing and thinking. We can conclude “Digitalia” exhibition will provide incredible exposure to the finest masterpieces of Nerone, as these prodigious works will be brought together for the very first time in Mallorca. Visitors will discover the remarkable talent of this artist, who created an unprecedented pictorial style for the representation of the street art movement.

If you’re keen on reading more on Nerone check out this interview for 2B Art Gallery.

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