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2B Art Gallery – One of the Biggest Art Galleries in Mallorca



There is a new sheriff in town. Art lovers welcome to the newly-opened 2B Art Gallery. With two locations on the beautiful island of Mallorca, another on the Calvia, Portals Nous, 2B Art Gallery is set to become is a major art player on the Spanish urban art scene. Why you may ask?

Paintings at 2B Art Gallery Palma de Mallorca
El Pez x Dotmaster paintings

Well, Mallorca’s 2B Art Gallery is an exhibition space for the display and sale of unique artworks. As a result, 2B Art Gallery is a commercial enterprise working with a portfolio of artists in which the gallery acts as the dealer representing, supporting, and distributing the artworks by the artists in question.

2B Art Gallery Is Strictly Blue-Chip

A purpose-built gallery space on Carrer Joan Maragall, 15 in Palma is dedicated to museum-quality shows of street art figures and urban art movement, hosting exhibitions by a roster of international contemporary artists, a group that includes such luminaries as Nick Walker, Buff Monster, Ben Eine, The London Police, Dotmaster and many others.

Right in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, 2B Art Gallery is a place where you can find unique and provocative artworks from the most prominent artists across the world. As one of the biggest art galleries in Mallorca, 2B Art Gallery specializes in works by modern street art masters and their astonishing artworks.

2B Art Gallery Palma de Mallorca

From Banksy-Inspired Art Toys to Bearbrick Figures

Yes, we’ve got you covered. Visitors to the 2B Art Gallery will be welcomed with powerful and ground-breaking pieces of urban art. From original artworks, and limited edition art prints, to unique art toys and Bearbrick figures, and everything in between, Mallorca’s 2B Art Gallery has a vast collection of rare works by the much-admired group of international artists.

2B Art Gallery Events

This spring and summer, 2B Art Gallery is the ideal place to travel the world through the best examples of urban art from the 21st century, under one roof, and experience a wide range of enriching activities and events. The first-ever exhibition of works by the famous street artist Sabek on the Palma de Mallorca will be held at the newly-opened 2B Art Gallery on the 5th of May, followed by the release of the limited edition print.

Looking forward to seeing each and every one of you at our new place.


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