3ft Flower Bomber Statue by Sync. Brandalised

3ft Flower Bomber Sculpture Inspired By Banksy

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2B Art & Toys Gallery is excited to announce a piece inspired by one of Banksy’s most iconic artworks – Sync. 3ft Flower Bomber sculpture, available from 19th of July, 2021. After the tremendous success with mural and prints, one of Banksy’s most iconic artworks now comes in a form of a sculpture 90cm high. The brainchild of Medicom Toy and Brandalised, this superb sculpture now shows up in white color with colorized flowers, all made in resin technique.

The history of this astonishing artwork dates back to 2003 and the construction of the West Bank Wall. Love Is In The Air, aka Flower Thrower, first saw the light of day as a large stencil graffiti in Bethlehem. It shows a masked Palestinian throwing a bouquet of flowers. The graffiti was made on the 760km wall that separates Palestine from Israel. The portrait is an instant reminder of the images from the street and campus riots of the 1960s. The amount of rage and frustration can be seen in the man’s posture as he attempts to bomb the establishment with flowers.

Flower Bomber Details

Material: Resin

Dimensions: 90 cm

Packaging: Box

Limited Edition of 100

About Banksy

Banksy Napoleon Website

“Some people become cops because they want to make the world a better place. Some people become vandals because they want to make the world a better-looking place.”

Banksy is one of the world’s most recognized artists despite the fact he has preserved his anonymous status over the years. This Bristol-born and to this day anonymous graffiti artist and painter, known for challenging the boundaries of the art market, Banksy can be described as an international prankster and a global phenomenon who uses humor and ironic wit to trick viewers into contemplating the gravity of his messages about capitalism, advertising, politics, and society we live in.