sheOne on the beach holding his artwork

August Art Shows

Oh boy, do we have news for you – After tremendous flash exhibitions in July, we continue this August bigger and stronger. This month, it’s all about street art and expressionism. For the first time in 2B Art & Toys Gallery, we present three major players in the world of street art: setdebelleza, Twoflü, and SheOne, alongside the old resident of 2B Art Gallery and one of the most famous street artists – The king of lettering Ben Eine. Each of these artists is bringing something unique and exciting to the game. Through their spectacular art, they express their conflicting views of the urban life of today. It is all about the message on the streets that hides in plain sight in the underbellies of cities all over the world. It is all about ensuring their work has a maximum effect and reaches the largest possible audience out there. It is all about thinking outside the box and sending the message, and this is exactly what these four artists are doing through their impeccable art.

Without further ado, meet the artists who are taking over the gallery in August and who use their art as a great weapon to promote awareness about issues that affect us in our daily lives.

Drawing his inspiration from sources in popular and commercial culture, setdebelleza creates eye-catching artworks with a powerful impact on contemporary life. Through his tongue-and-cheeky style, reflected in his continued interest in using media beyond simply paint and canvas, he magically flirts with the viewer and makes him think outside the box. Once we scratch beneath the surface, beneath his cartoon-like figures, we discover complex ideas that represent the true power of art.

Ben Eine, a supreme master of contemporary urban art, is widely regarded as one of the most successful letterform artists in the world with his distinct typographic style. His work has already reached the level of iconic over a decade ago and has been a major influence on street artists for at least the past 20 years now. Having begun his career as a teenager secretly creating graffiti on the sides of buildings in the middle of the night, and eventually, all over the world, the duality of his practice has, naturally, transcended to galleries worldwide.

TwoFlu's mural

TwoFlü is a well-known Spanish visual artist and graffiti writer. He is renowned for his combination of calligraphy and abstract painting. By often flirting with those two styles, Twoflü creates mesmerizing pieces of art. He paints impeccably detailed artworks that attempt to communicate a broader message through writing that has been aesthetically altered to move beyond the literal meaning – just pure visual poetry.

SheOne portrait with painting

SheOne is a British street artist famous for his abstract expressive pieces of art. Through his abstract designs, playful shapes, and patterns, SheOne creates unique monochromatic artworks on walls and canvases. He has developed his own style characterized by vivid movement and life expressed through an array of contrasting lines, vibrant colors, and signature shapes.