Mastermind Japan new Gold and Black Crystal Bearbrick figures

Medicom Toy & Mastermind Japan Present New Bearbrick Figures



By the pricking of my thumbs, something shiny this way comes. Get ready for another exclusive collaboration between Mastermind Japan and Medicom Toy, featuring the beloved Bearbrick figures bedazzled in luxurious black and gold rhinestones. Ohh yes, meet the new Mastermind Japan Black & Gold Crystal Bearbrick figures.

Rhinestone Gold Mastermind Japan Bearbrick figure
Gold Mastermind Japan Bearbrick figure

Available in an impressive 400% size, the all-new Mastermind Bearbrick figures are embellished with crystals all the way down their bodies. Along with the quintessential mastermind skull imprint on the chest, there are kanji characters for prosperity carved into the back, while touches of gold add an extra bit of shine to the cuffs and nose.

Rejoice, collectors! The Bearbrick Mastermind World figures in 1000% and 400% + 100% sets are going to be available simultaneously, decorated with pirate skull banner prints and finished in show-stopping metallic gold.

Black Crystal Mastermind Japan Bearbrick figure
Black Crystal Mastermind Japan Bearbrick figure

At 2G Tokyo, the Crystal Decorate Mastermind Japan Bearbrick figure in the 400% Black & Gold Ver. edition is expected to fetch a price of over $7,000 USD through raffling, whereas the gold Mastermind World figurines can be acquired at 2G Tokyo and selected retailers for prices starting from $190 to $740 USD. What Mastermind is today is, in fact, two different brands: Mastermind Japan, which serves the domestic market, and Mastermind World, which caters to the global one.

For those of you who are not familiar with it, Mastermind Japan is a luxury Japanese streetwear label specializing in men’s fashion. The brand was founded by Masaaki Homma and spontaneously launched at Tokyo fashion week in 1997.

Will you be getting one of these bad boys?

Photos: Mastermind, Medicom Toy


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