Sabek Duality Exhibition

Who: Sabek

When: Opening Thursday 16th of June 2022, from 7 pm to 11 pm

Until: July 14, 2022

Where: 2B Art Gallery, Carrer Falconer, 19, 07181 Portals Nous, Illes Balears

Internationally renowned street artist Sabek continues his phenomenal art exhibition “Duality” on the lovely island of Majorca at 2B Art Gallery Portals Nous


Sabek is a well-known Spanish street artist renowned for his larger-than-life murals. He has climbed the ladder in the world of street art by creating large mesmerizing murals that show the human relationship with animals and their primal instincts. By exploring the ephemerality and the transient nature of our world, Sabek paints large unusual murals, and experiments with different reactions between them, in order to display his vision of the fleeting time before us.


2B Art Gallery presents the Duality art exhibition by Sabek, offering the opportunity to see the work of the famous Spanish street artist from a unique perspective, bringing new insights into his vision of animals and the world we live in.

An image of an original artwork by Sabek - Stay
An image of an original artwork by Sabek – Stay

The Duality exhibition allows for a fresh look at Sabek’s remarkable oeuvre. This exhibition evokes a sense of vulnerability and allows viewers to contemplate the meaning and the connection of humans with nature. It’s about setting a different standard of values and the emphasis on public intervention.

Sabek. Duality. 2Fibreglass sculpture, Left View 2022

Sabek’s art encourages the viewer to go within, further familiarizing themselves with what lies beneath the carefully curated, societal-shaped, external facade.

As one of the most fascinating and prolific Spanish street artists of the 21st century, Sabek expanded the traditional practice of street art in groundbreaking ways.

An image of an original artwork by Sabek - Cat 4
An image of an original artwork by Sabek – Cat 4

This exhibition highlights the way in which the artist creates street art to construct his own narrative, express himself and his ideas about art, and pursue his ambitions to reconnect with nature.

An image of an original artwork by Sabek - Flow
An image of an original artwork by Sabek – Flow

Sabek Limited Edition Print

On the occasion of the Duality exhibition, 2B Art Gallery published a limited edition print “Heat” by Sabek. Dedicated exclusively to his practice, this one-of-a-kind limited edition print shows how Sabek is shaping the way we think about animals and nature. Available only at 2B Art Gallery, Sabek’s new limited edition print is a new addition to our evergrowing section of 2B Editions – exclusive collaborations with street artists from all over the world.

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