Dystopic Citizens Online Group exhibition flyer

“Dystopic Citizens” Urban Art Online Group Exhibition

Urban art lovers, are you looking for something exciting and unique? Look no further because the “Dystopic Citizens” online group exhibition is taking over 2B Art Gallery! This urban art exhibition is sure to be an incredible showcase of some of the best street artists from around the world. The exhibition is a must-see for anyone who loves the edgy and daring side of urban art, trust us.

The “Dystopic Citizens” online group exhibition perfectly captures the urban vibe. The atmosphere will be electric, and the artwork will be incredible. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore the thriving street art scene and immerse yourself in the world of urban art. Be sure to spread the word around because you won’t want to miss the incredible works of art on display!

Participating Artists

The “Dystopic Citizens” online group exhibition is a lineup of incredible urban artists from around the world. The London Police art duo will be showcasing their signature graphic style that has made them famous worldwide. Buff Monster, the legendary street artist, will be bringing his iconic pink monsters to the exhibition, while Dadara will be presenting his thought-provoking and surreal work that challenges the viewer’s perception of reality. And as the cherry on top of the cake, Dante Arcade and setdebelleza are introducing their utterly brilliant superheroes.

Unique Paintings And Prints

At the exhibition, you will have the opportunity to purchase original paintings of some of the most incredible works on display. These urban art paintings are the perfect way to bring a piece of the exhibition into your home and add a touch of edgy, modern style to any room. Not only will you be supporting the artists, but you’ll also have a one-of-a-kind piece of art to treasure for years to come.

In addition to original paintings, there will also be limited edition prints on display. These works of art are truly breathtaking and will leave you in awe of the talent and creativity of the artists. Whether you’re an art collector or simply looking for a unique piece to add to your home, the “Dystopic Citizens” group exhibition has something for everyone.

To conclude, the “Dystopic Citizens” online group exhibition is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the exciting world of urban art. With incredible artists from around the world and a unique atmosphere that captures the essence of street art, this exhibition is not to be missed. And with the option to purchase original paintings and limited edition prints, you can bring a piece of the exhibition with you and enjoy it for years to come.

Artists: The London Police, setdebelleza, Buff Monster, Dadara, Dante Arcade