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Dr. Martens x Bearbrick Figures Collaboration



They are uber cool, they belong to the countercultural movement, and they seem to never go out of style. Yes, we are talking about Dr. Martens boots and shoes. We all know them, we all love them. But we cherish them even more after Dr. Martens joined forces with the Medicom Toy company for some seriously awesome Bearbrick figures. Dr. Martens x Bearbrick figures present one truly amazing collaboration in the world of art toys and collectibles.

Dr. Martens Bearbrick figure 60

Bearbrick buffs like us just couldn’t resist the opportunity to put all Dr. Martens Bearbrick figures in one place and examine them all.

Together, Medicom Toy and Dr. Martens created six special-edition Bearbrick figures, each of which references a different decade in the footwear’s long history. And all you have to do is pick one that fits your personality and lifestyle. Easy-peasy, right?

Dr. Martens Bearbrick Figures

Bearbrick Dr. Martens 60s 100%

1) Bearbrick Dr. Martens 60’s 100% — Ahh those 60s. Quite frankly, the 1960s were one of the most tumultuous and divisive decades in world history. Bearbrick Dr. Martens 60s presents the epitome of that decade and the time when Dr. Martens started its business. This Bearbrick figure is a true rebel with(out) a cause.

Bearbrick Dr. Martens 70s 100%

2) Bearbrick Dr. Martens 70’s 100% — Dressed in the leather jacket with black n white Dr. Martens boots, Bearbrick Dr. Martens 70’s figure is a true representative of the 1970s. Disco, punk, economic struggle, this Bearbrick figure is a melting pot of alternative subcultures.

Bearbrick Dr. Martens 80's 100%

3) Bearbrick Dr. Martens 80’s 100%  Some say the 80s were the greatest decade ever. And this (quite eerie) Bearbrick Dr. Martens 80’s figure with a killer boots is an example of those good old times. Just remember the fantastic music, yuppies, blockbuster movies, and the emergence of video games. Lovely.

Bearbrick Dr. Martens 90's 100%

4) Bearbrick Dr. Martens 90’s 100%  The first thing that pops into your mind when you see this Bearbrick Dr. Martens 90’s 100% figure is a unique fashion. Some truly unique fashion, not to mention great music, movies, and new technologies. Bottom line, anyone born in the late 80s or early 90s (*cough millennials cough*) is lucky enough to call themselves true 90s babies.

Bearbrick Dr. Martens 00's 100%

5) Bearbrick Dr. Martens 00’s 100%   With a new spectrum of Dr. Martens boots, this Bearbrick Dr. Martens 00’s 100% figure is a true representative of the turbulent decade. Probably the most popular thing back in the 2000s is the rise of the internet culture and the rise of mobile phones. This Bearbrick figure takes you back on a journey through the defining moments and people of the 2000s.

Bearbrick Dr. Martens 10's 100%

6) Bearbrick Dr. Martens 10’s 100%   Going viral, going green, going smart is all about the Bearbrick Dr. Martens 10’s 100%. From smartphones and apps to the chaotic wake of a global financial crisis, and pandemics, have to say we really witnessed some crazy times. Good thing Dr. Martens stay true to itself, showcasing some incredible boots (like this hipster Bearbrick figure is rocking).

Which decade and Bearbrick figure is for you?

Photos: Dr. Martens, Hypebeast


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