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Bearbrick Celebration: Bape’s 30th x Disney’s 100th Anniversary



In a groundbreaking fusion of iconic brands, Medicom Toy has unveiled a triple collaboration that marries the distinctive styles of BAPE®, Disney, and Bearbrick into a special edition collectible. And this remarkable collaboration not only marks the celebration of A Bathing Ape’s 30th anniversary but also commemorates Disney’s illustrious 100th anniversary, making it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Mickey Mouse Bearbrick Bape Disney, head
Mickey Mouse Bearbrick Bape Disney, head

The Birth of a Commemorative Masterpiece

In celebration of the Bape’s 30th Anniversary and Disney’s 100th Anniversary, they have joined forces with Medicom Toy for a new Mickey Mouse Bearbrick figure. At the heart of this spectacular collaboration is a special anniversary Mickey Mouse-inspired Bearbrick figure. Lastly, this is a true embodiment of the creative synergy between three powerhouse brands. Furthermore, this unique Bearbrick figure goes beyond the conventional, featuring exclusive pants and shoes that unveil BAPE®︎’s original camouflage in captivating shades of red, maroon, and reddish-gray.

The BAPE® x Disney x Bearbrick Mickey Mouse 100%/400%
The BAPE® x Disney x Bearbrick Mickey Mouse 100%/400%

Celebrating BAPE’s 30th Anniversary

BAPE, known for its bold and distinctive aesthetic, has left an indelible mark on streetwear culture. The triple collaboration pays homage to BAPE’s three decades of influence. It incorporates its iconic camouflage pattern into the very fabric of the Bearbrick figure. The result is a visual symphony that encapsulates the essence of BAPE’s style evolution over the years.

Disney Magic: 100 Years of Imagination

Disney stands tall at the centenary mark as the mastermind behind beloved characters and enchanting narratives. The collaboration infuses the Bearbrick figure with the magic of Disney, utilizing the beloved Mickey Mouse as the muse. This figurine serves as a delightful nod to a century of imagination. And of course, not to mention the creativity, and the enduring impact of Disney on global pop culture.

Limited Edition Excellence: A Collector’s Dream

Given the significance of the anniversaries being celebrated, this triple collaboration Bape x Disney Mickey Mouse Bearbrick figure is a limited edition masterpiece. With its exclusivity and the convergence of BAPE’s streetwise edge, Disney’s enchanting legacy, and Bearbrick’s artistic allure, this collectible becomes a coveted item for enthusiasts seeking a piece of cultural history.

Bape x Disney Mickey Mouse Bearbrick Figure
Bape x Disney Mickey Mouse Bearbrick Figure

Bape Disney Bearbrick Figure

Medicom Toy’s triple collaboration is a testament to the enduring power of creativity and cultural impact. This special edition Bearbrick figure blends the worlds of BAPE, Disney, and Bearbrick figures. It is available at BAPE stores and online. This commemorative masterpiece is poised to become a cherished symbol of three remarkable milestones. The legacy of BAPE®︎, the enchantment of Disney, and the artistic brilliance of the Bearbrick figure.

Images: Medicom Toy, Bape


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