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5 Intriguing Works of Art By Dotmaster

Let’s kick off with a well-known fact: Dotmaster is an amazing talent and a truly extraordinary artist. Some would even say an art outlaw who continuously surprises us with his savagely humorous take on popular culture and society. By using impeccably detailed stencils alongside freehand aerosol skills to create brilliant artworks, he is bridging the gap between art and social activism.

Dotmaster’s art is ever more relevant in current times, combining irreverent humor and a mischievous sense of mixing things up with an uncanny knack for juxtaposing the unusual with the humdrum – it conveys a tongue-in-cheek playfulness and discombobulation aimed to make us smile.

Dotmaster Mona Lisa painting
Dotmaster – Mona Lisa

By creating astonishing art illusions that play with perceptions and defy conventions, Dotmaster’s artworks resonate with visual energy to a worldwide audience. And now, we have picked 5 intriguing works of art by Dotmaster that are definitely worth your attention.

5 Intriguing Works Of Art By Dotmaster

An image of an original artwork by The Dotmaster - Bunch - Blue Dot
Dotmaster – Bunch – Blue Dot

1) Dotmaster – Bunch Blue Dot — We simply adore this bunch of flowers. Coming from a quirky series entitled “Stick ’em Up!”, this is one truly exquisite piece of art by Dotmaster. In his own words: “This is by far the most ambitious one to date, 23 stencils and over 40 colours. I started this over a year ago and have been playing with the idea of gaffa taping objects to walls for a couple of years now.” We say keep on playing!

An image of an original by The Dotmaster - Indigo Get's Up - Blue
Dotmaster – Indigo Get’s Up – Blue

2) Dotmaster – Indigo Get’s Up Blue — Ready for something naughty and a bit rude? Here are Dotmaster’s rude kids series of paintings. Indigo Get’s Up – Blue belongs to Dotmaster’s famous series “Rude kids” where all depicted characters are kids close to Dotmaster’s family when they were all under the age of 12. Dotmaster – “It’s one of my favourites from years of experimenting with patterns colours and content with this image of my niece.” Attaboy rude kids ❤️

The Dotmaster - Chanel Bronze
Dotmaster – Chanel Bronze

3) Dotmaster – Chanel Bronze — Fancy a Chanel bag? We’ve got you covered 😍 This remarkable bronze cast statue is created by Dotmaster, a magician of counterpoint and refined aesthetics, who creates utterly smart, funny, and, witty artworks. This amazing art piece addresses the tragic side of consumerism and obsession with high-end fashion. Dotmaster brilliantly depicts subdued drama out of commonplace subjects ‘layered with a poetic meaning’, inviting narrative interpretations, often unintended.

An image of an artwork by The Dotmaster - Astrid Get's Up
Dotmaster – Astrid Get’s Up wine lightbox

4) Dotmaster – Astrid Get’s Up wine lightbox — Now, this is one seriously cool piece of art. This incredible wine lightbox by Dotmaster has its own RGB remote control so that the lights can change to whatever color you require, there are preset programs with fading, jumping, and flashing between different colors. The back panel is laser-cut wallpaper out of birch ply, the frames are 24k gold leaf.

Dotmaster Astro Boy Toy print
Dotmaster – Astro Boy Toy print

5) Dotmaster – Astro Boy Toy limited edition print — Astro Boy fans, are you ready for one exquisite limited edition art print? After the famous Astro Boy Toy mural from 2015 in Croydon, this is the smaller and limited edition of Astro Boy made in 2016. “Astro Boy is a conscious robot, nuclear-powered, with synthetic skin giving him the appearance of a twelve-year-old boy, and plastic hair that sticks out like horns from the top and the left of his head. He has lasers in his fingertips, rockets in his limbs, blasters in his arms, a super-computer for a brain, “100,000 horsepower” strength, extremely sensitive hearing, spotlights in his eyes, and two 50 caliber machine guns in his buttocks.” Wicked, right?

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