Uriginal Homo Homini Lupus painting detail

2B Art Gallery Welcomes New Artist Uriginal

We are delighted to welcome Uriginal to our team of artists as we invite audiences into the gallery to view his dynamic works, and help celebrate this phenomenal artist. The bold artistic vision of Uriginal’s art engages in pertinent global conversations, making it a one-of-a-kind experience for all art lovers.

Uriginal artist portrait image
Uriginal artist portrait image

Uriginal’s richly layered art is part of the tool that carries plenty of social value being influenced by the context that surrounds him. Urignal is a bold and inclusive contemporary artist who will continue to strengthen the gallery’s vast oeuvre. His body of work is an incredible showcase demonstrating the continuing impact of contemporary art on our society.

“I don’t own anything, I paint because I can’t stop doing it, because I need to have my hands full of color and once I finish a work, it is no longer mine, it belongs to whoever looks at it”

Uriginal - Maquarena painting 2020
Uriginal – Maquarena

Uriginal is a self-taught artist, tanned through reality, with an unquestionable hand for drawing and an unusual ability for colour. Heroes from Marvel, Star Wars or Pop Art coexist with characters taken from paintings by Velázquez, El Greco, El Bosco, Botticelli, Fragonard or any of the great masters of painting. The icing on the cake of this apparently impossible mixture is provided by Gaudí, or rather by his colourful mosaics, which in Uriginal’s works become kaleidoscopic geometry. All that, painted with bright colours and bold lines, achieves an unusual power that hopelessly traps the viewer.

Each year we strive to share and explore the artistic visions and practices of gifted artists with audiences from all over the world. So, we open this year with one extraordinary artist whose research-driven work is instigated by marginalized or forgotten histories and articulated across a range of mediums. We are excited to continue building on the progress we have made and working towards a future in which art has the power to unite people, deepen relationships, and advance a more equitable society.

Photos: Uriginal