Uri Martínez, aka Uriginal, was already painting in the streets of Barcelona when he was a child. He is a self-taught artist, tanned through reality, with an unquestionable hand for drawing and an unusual ability for colour. Heroes from Marvel, Star Wars or Pop Art coexist with characters taken from paintings by Velázquez, El Greco, El Bosco, Botticelli, Fragonard or any of the great masters of painting. The icing on the cake of this apparently impossible mixture is provided by Gaudí, or rather by his colourful mosaics, which in Uri's works become kaleidoscopic geometry. All this, painted with bright colours and bold lines, achieves an unusual power that hopelessly traps the viewer.

Just as Uriginal drinks from all sources, just as he shamelessly appropriates the iconography that fills the Art books, from our history, at the same time, he also captures the vibration of the street, the courage of a woman, love in capital letters, injustice or abuse, yesterday and today. In the past and the present, any type of object, character, or image coexists with any other, united in an absolutely masterful way by beauty.

In Uriginal's words: "I don't own anything, I paint because I can't stop doing it, because I need to have my hands full of color and once I finish a work, it is no longer mine, it belongs to whoever looks at it". Time does not stand still and Uri's works continue to evolve with him through the eyes. Humility makes him great, his work will surely make him immense.

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