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10 Coolest Basquiat Bearbrick Figures



It was the year 2017 when the legendary Jean-Michel Basquiat joined “the pantheon of great artists” when his incredible piece from 1982 ‘Untitled’ was sold for a record-breaking $110.5 million at auction — the highest price ever paid at auction for a U.S.-produced artwork. And the rest is history — Basquait was crowned as one of the highest-selling artists ever.

Basquiat collage

His extraordinary artworks have proven to be wise investments, fetching millions of dollars. Alongside Keith Haring & Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat left a deep mark in the world of art by bringing neo-expressionism into mainstream art, worthy of recognition by curators, critics, and major art galleries.

But the harsh reality is that only a few can get a Basquiat artwork. So, what is the next best thing when it comes to Basquiat art? It gotta be those astonishing Bearbrick figures, majestically wrapped in his art. For the first time, an artwork signed by Jean-Michel Basquiat is perfectly applied on a 3D object, and all that is on an utterly cool Bearbrick figure.

Basquiat Bearbrick figure at 2B Art & Toys Gallery

It’s like Bearbrick figures are allowing us to get as close to Basquait’s masterpieces as one dog may to another. Bearbrick figures are no longer toys, they are as much a major icon in fashion as it is in the world of art. So, without further ado,

Here’s our roundup of the top 10 coolest Basquiat’s Bearbrick figures out there.

Basquiat Bearbrick #1
  • The number one position is the first-ever collaboration of Medicom Toy and The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat – Basquiat Bearbrick #1. This very first Basquait Bearbrick released in 2018 opened the doors to the incredible world of his truly prodigious art.
Basquiat Bearbrick #5
  • For our second pick, we have to say Basquiat Bearbrick #5. This Bearbrick is wrapped in Jean Michel Basquiat’s painting “Cabra” inspired by Muhammad Ali’s 1970 knockout of Argentine heavyweight boxer Oscar Bonavena, who was known as “The Bull”.
Bearbrick Jean-Michel Basquiat #8 100%/400%
  • Coming in at position number 3 – Basquiat Bearbrick #8. With his signature recurring motif – the crown – Basquiat recognizes the majesty of his heroes: groundbreaking athletes, musicians, and writers. Inspired by their accomplishments, he believed he was continuing the work of this noble lineage.
Bearbrick Jean-Michel Basquiat #7 100%/400%, 2021
  • Medicom Toy has named this Basquiat Bearbrick #7 “Believe it or not, I can actually draw,” which is one of the artist’s famous quotes.
Andy Warhol x Jean Michel Basquiat 1
  • The first collaboration of Andy Warhol, Basquiat, and Medicom Toy gave us this remarkable Basquiat x Andy Warhol Bearbrick #1, modeled after their iconic collaborative painting ‘New Flame’, which synthesizes their individual approaches into one brilliant visual dialogue of art.
Basquiat Bearbrick #6
  • This one is a truly classical design – It literally screams Basquiat’s art – Basquiat Bearbrick #6.
Basquat Bearbrick #3
  • For spot number 7, we pick the Basquait Bearbrick simply titled “#3”, which features a white base color with doodles in black in his unique classic style.
Bearbrick Andy Warhol X Jean-Michel Basquiat #4 1000%
  • Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat with their fourth Bearbrick edition Bearbrick Andy Warhol x Basquiat #4 – combining both creators’ art are on position number eight.
Basquat Bearbrick #4
  • Position number 9 goes to Basquiat Bearbrick #4 – Featuring artwork from Basquiat’s 1988 piece titled ‘The Dingoes That Park Their Brains with their Gum’ which depicts three droll characters of dingoes known as Australian wild scavenger dogs in a blue background all over the figure.
Bearbrick Andy Warhol x Jean-Michel Basquiat #2 1000%
  • Basquiat x Andy Warhol Bearbrick #2 is another astonishing collab that shows the stark contrast between their artistic styles and the creative perspectives of these two art legends.

p.s. This list is solely based on our choice, but we won’t argue that all Jean-Michel Basquiat Bearbrick figures are cool AF.


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