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The London Police Boys Are Back In Mallorca

The boys are back in town. Yes, The London Police boys are back in Mallorca. After last year’s tremendous success of the art exhibition and two limited edition prints, The London Police lads are back at the crime scene. And this time with an easter egg. The master of monochrome street art, legendary graffiti artist SheOne is joining forces with The London Police for one truly extraordinary exhibition.

The London Police & SheOne opening card
The London Police & SheOne exhibition

2B Art Gallery presents the first collective exhibition this summer which delves into two languages simultaneously, through the works of The London Police and SheOne. July 7, a major exhibition of the trio, composed of The London Police boys and SheOne, opens at the 2B Art Gallery in Palma. With more than 25 works on view, this is the most comprehensive exhibition ever produced by these three artists, organized by the 2B Art Gallery. It will be on view until August 5th, 2022. The exhibition is accompanied by a monumental limited edition print release of SheOne.

Lads Will Be Lads

The London Police is an art duo based in Amsterdam. Chaz Barrissonn draws the smiley ‘Lads’ characters and Bob Gibson draws the Robotic characters. In real life, The London Police guys are very different but have a fantastic friendship spanning more than 20 years. The soft and the mechanical, the serious and the playful. The work of The London Police is the result of very good trained skills. Each piece is handmade, and the interesting fact is that they don’t use stencils, and they show the good ability to draw perfect lines and circles in almost any dimension, shape, or size. Whether it’s a small artwork or a massive wall, The London Police draws them flawlessly. These contrasts are the aesthetics of The London Police world.

The London Police paints in studio
The London Police paints in the studio

Pioneer of European Abstract Graffiti

Bold, provocative, and visionary, SheOne, who is widely recognized as a pioneer of European and abstract graffiti, is bringing some truly amazing new artworks on display. Through his abstract designs, shapes, and patterns, SheOne creates unique monochromatic artworks on walls and canvases. By using monochrome, SheOne shows how the elegant dance of light and shadow gives volume to form. He is one of the old-school graffiti artists, the man who has developed his own style characterized by vivid style and life expressed through an array of contrasting lines, vibrant colors, and signature shapes. Check out the exclusive interview with this extraordinary artist.

SheOne paints in the studio
SheOne paints in the studio

Photos: Widewalls, SheOne