Alfred Hitchcock Kubrick Bearbrick detail

Medicom Toy Unveils the Alfred Hitchcock Kubrick Bearbrick Figure



Film Buffs, Rejoice! Medicom Toy and Undercover just dropped a cinematic bombshell – The Alfred Hitchcock Kubrick Bearbrick Figure. Here’s what you need to know. Especially if you ask us “What the hell is a Kubrick and how is related to Bearbrick figures”. Well, here’s a history of Medicom Toy and its founder Tatsuhiko Akashi before we get going.

Alfred Hitchcock Kubrick Figure

In a world where art meets pop culture, collaborations often yield captivating results. The recent venture between Undercover and Medicom Toy, stalwarts in the realm of collectibles, has given rise to a masterpiece that cinephiles and art enthusiasts alike are sure to appreciate. The “Kubrick,” a Beabrick modeled after the legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock, has taken center stage, offering collectors the opportunity to own a piece of cinematic history.

Alfred Hitchcock Kubrick figure
Alfred Hitchcock Kubrick figure

The Alfred Hitchcock Kubrick Bearbrick Figure stands as a tribute to the iconic Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense. Available in a set featuring both 100% and 400% sizes, this figure captures the essence of Hitchcock’s enigmatic persona.

The Kubrick figure meticulously replicates the director’s distinctive features, paying homage to the man who shaped the landscape of cinema.

Alfred Hitchcock Kubrick figures %100/%400
Alfred Hitchcock Kubrick figures %100/%400

True to the tradition of Bearbrick collectibles, the Alfred Hitchcock Kubrick is released as a limited edition set. This exclusivity not only adds to its desirability but also reinforces the idea that owning this piece is akin to possessing a fragment of cinematic history.

Alfred Hitchcock Bearbrick Figure

Bearbrick Alfred Hitchcock 400%
Bearbrick Alfred Hitchcock 400%

But this is not the first time the legendary film director appears as a Bearbrick figure. Medicom Toy introduced the infamous director Alfred Hitchcock in the Bearbrick Series 43. One of the most celebrated directors of all time, Alfred Hitchcock was renowned for creating suspenseful. Also for the shocking tales that capitalized on an audience’s willingness to experience fear in the confines of a darkened theater. The director himself feared chaos and unplanned events; consequently, his films often depicted ordinary people cast into extraordinary circumstances beyond their control.

Alfred Hitchcock Kubrick figure box
Alfred Hitchcock Kubrick Figure box

The Undercover x Medicom Toy’s “Kubrick” Alfred Hitchcock set is available for purchase now via the fashion label’s official site, for a price of $208. Are you getting one, or sticking to the Bearbrick version?

Images: Medicom Toy, Undercover


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