Bearbrick bluetooth portalble speaker

Medicom Toy Unveils New Bearbrick Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bearbrick buffs and lovers, this is something we have all been waiting for. Sound meets collectible style. The fusion of art and acoustics in Medicom Toy’s new Bearbrick Bluetooth Speaker. Medicom Toy, the renowned Japanese collectible toy manufacturer, has once again pushed the boundaries of creativity and innovation by unveiling a revolutionary product – the Bearbrick Portable Bluetooth Speaker. This groundbreaking audio device is the result of a remarkable collaboration between Medicom Toy and acoustic engineering trailblazer, Rinaro Isodynamics.

Bearbrick portable Bluetooth speaker
Bearbrick Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Art of Sound

Bearbrick collectors, enthusiasts, and tech-savvy individuals alike are in for a treat. This remarkable fusion of design and technology promises to deliver an unparalleled auditory experience. The Bearbrick Portable Bluetooth Speaker is not just a fancy gadget. It’s a statement piece that combines the iconic Bearbrick aesthetic with state-of-the-art acoustic engineering.

The partnership with Rinaro Isodynamics, a company renowned for its expertise in creating high-fidelity audio solutions, ensures that the Bearbrick Bluetooth Speaker is not just a visual delight but also an auditory marvel. Rinaro’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of sound technology aligns seamlessly with Medicom Toy’s pursuit of artistic and technological innovation. Rinaro Isodynamics, the formidable Ukrainian acoustic engineering company, is the technical partner behind the outstanding (and very expensive) Meze Audio Lyric, Elite, and Empyrean headphones.

Rinaro Berabrick Bluetooth Speaker
Rinaro Berabrick Bluetooth Speaker

Elevating Audiovisual Experience

This Bearbrick figure is engineered for tens of thousands of hours and features 214 newly-designed parts. The collaborative Bearbrick Audio 400% Portable Bluetooth Speaker brings functionality to the beloved collectible toy. This Bearbrick Bluetooth speaker showcases the innovative QUAD’360 omnidirectional sound technology. It incorporates 4 custom-engineered acoustic drivers that are strategically placed in the head of the Bearbrick to create an exceptional field of sound.

Rinaro Berabrick Bluetooth Speaker figures
Rinaro Berabrick Bluetooth Speaker figures

It seamlessly connects to iOS and Android devices through Bluetooth, allowing users to enjoy their personal audio collection. The speaker also offers convenient hands-on controls, enabling track skipping and playback volume adjustment by twisting the Bearbrick. By combining all three colors of the Bearbrick Bluetooth Speaker, users can experience true stereo sound. Technical specifications include 6 hours of portable listening. There is also a rapid charging time of 1.5 hours via USB-C, a replaceable battery, and more.

This Bearbrick figure will be available this November via the Bearbrick Audio site and select retailers worldwide. Priced at $499 USD, this bad boy comes in three limited designs: “Clear”, “Smoke” and “Black” in 400% sizing. The Bearbrick Portable Bluetooth Speaker is set to redefine the way we experience sound. Whether you’re an avid collector, an audiophile, or simply someone who appreciates innovation, this remarkable collaboration between Medicom Toy and Rinaro Isodynamics is not to be missed.

Images: Medicom Toy