Kosuke Kawamura Bearbrick figure design

Kosuke Kawamura Tops Up Bearbrick Figure With One-Dollar Bills



Bearbrick figure full of money? Makes you wanna say “Shut up and take my money”, right? Wait, wait, there’s a catch to it. You won’t get rich from this one. The money is shredded. But it looks astonishingly good. Japanese artist and graphic designer Kosuke Kawamura has joined forces with Art Gallery S01 and NEXUSVII to create a one-of-a-kind Bearbrick figure.

Medicom Toy’s Bearbrick figure is being filled up with shredded one-dollar bills. What looks to be perfectly sliced one-dollar bills that have been put through a paper shredder are tossed into a translucent Bearbrick figure. Shredded money everywhere.

Kosuke Kawamura Bearbrick figure 400%
Kosuke Kawamura Bearbrick figure 400%

The whole body of the Bearbrick figure is finished in gloss black and Kawamura’s signature is printed on the back of the leg. The inside of the skeleton body is a special finish that is packed with paper money shredded with an original design known as Kosuke Kawamura’s icon. Having worked together before on exhibitions and collaborative wares, this trio brings Koske Kawamura’s recurring motif of a shredded one-dollar bill to life.

This shredded money motif can be found across a wide range of skateboards, caps, and graphic tees throughout Kawamura’s oeuvre. NEXUS VII is a famous Japanese fashion brand that finds maximum value in practicality and artistry. Hence the collab with Kosuke Kawamura. Priced at ¥22,000 JPY (approximately $173 USD), the Kosuke Kawamura × NEXUSVII × SO1 Bearbrick figure is sold via web lottery. By the time you read this article, this translucent Bearbrick figure filled with shredded money has probably found a new owner.



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