Bearbrick Macau Exhibition

Discover World’s First Immersive Bearbrick Art Exhibition in Macau

Are you ready for the 5th-anniversary celebration of Bearbrick Macau? The world’s first Immersive Bearbrick Art Exhibition🐻 is about to kick off in Macau. This will be the largest ever Bearbrick Macau exhibition, featuring more than 50 Bearbrick art pieces from previous Macau exhibitions and the world debut of Bearbrick digital art. Some of the figures are designed by local artists with Macau as inspiration and will also be presented on an international stage through this exhibition with immersive experiences.

The highly anticipated “World’s First Immersive Bearbrick Art Exhibition” will open its doors on Saturday, July 29th. Some of the exhibition’s highlights include the debut of the Bearbrick Macau 2023 limited collection, as well as the variety of interactive exhibition areas. So, let’s get this show on the road.

Bearbrick Macau – A Fusion of Art & Toy Culture

Bearbrick, created by the Japanese company Medicom Toy Incorporated and its founder Tatsuhiko Akashi, has become a global phenomenon over the years.

These collectible and customizable figurines, featuring a distinctive bear-like shape, have gained a massive following among art enthusiasts and pop culture fans.

The art exhibition in Macao celebrates the iconic design of these figures while also serving as a platform for artists to unleash their creative potential.

Stepping into the exhibition is akin to entering a wonderland of colorful, larger-than-life Bearbrick figures.

Each of these extraordinary Bearbrick figures showcase the artists’ imagination and serve as a canvas for storytelling and expression.