Fake Bearbrick figures

5 Simple Ways To Spot A Fake Bearbrick



So you want to buy a Bearbrick figure or start your own collection? Well, who wouldn’t?

Bearbrick figures are one of the most sought-after art collectibles, and owning them (especially expensive and rare ones) is a status symbol unto itself.

But with great demand also comes a world of counterfeit Bearbrick figures attempting to trick you into thinking they’re the real deal. Protect yourself and your wallet by learning how to spot a fake Bearbrick figure. Here are some tips to keep in mind while shopping.

Bearbrick figures at 2B Art & Toys Gallery

Who is selling it?

Before we get into the details of exactly how to spot a fake Bearbrick, the most prominent defense against accidentally purchasing a counterfeit figure is to know and trust the person selling it to you. Whether that person is an individual, store, or employee of a pre-owned dealer, you need to be able to put your faith in them. Internet is the best place and resource to verify the reputation of a dealer or store selling Bearbrick figures. When purchasing a Bearbrick figure, it’s best to avoid online shopping from unverified dealers, unless you know your stuff and plan to meet the seller in a secure place. Aliexpress, eBay, and other online retail services can be a tricky place and a cradle for fake Bearbrick toys.

Bearbrick figures at 2B Art & Toys Gallery


When it comes to packaging, this can easily be one of the first clues to watch out for. The fake logo, labeling, and packaging can make it very difficult for buyers to distinguish between a convincing imitation and the real deal. Bearbrick figures come in an official Medicom Toy box with an authentic holographic sticker on it, and a bar code that ensures this is a genuine product. So, if you receive a figure in ill-fitting or suspicious packaging, or wrapped in what appears to be cheap plastic or flimsy materials then it could be a warning sign. Spelling errors, flawed logos, or trademarks on the box are further indicators that Bearbrick figure is fake. In fact, some boxes are even so well copied that is really darn hard to detect which is which.


Fake Bearbrick figures are often produced using cheaper and poor-quality materials. If the Bearbrick does not look or feel authentic, it surely isn’t. Material is the easiest sign to detect a fake Bearbrick figure. An authentic Bearbrick is mostly made of vinyl, but we have to mention that some series are made of wood, felt, metal, and glow-in-the-dark plastic. A genuine Bearbrick figure is made of hard and solid plastic and generally has a gloss finishing. Sometimes you really have to rely on an old-fashioned sense of touch.

Bearbrick figures at 2B Art & Toys Gallery

Do your Bearbrick homework

Always do some research on the Bearbrick figure you want. Before you purchase anything, learn what has been released, was kind of models are produced in a specific colorway, dimensions, and editions. Note the fine details while comparing figures. And of course, look up images on reliable sources to make sure you are on the right path.

Bearbrick Sorayama × BAPE(R) Camo Shark 100%/400%

The price is too good to be true

Whether you are shopping in person or online, the price can be one of the first indicators that the Bearbrick figure is fake. While not always the case, fake Bearbricks tend to be cheaper than the genuine ones, so the collectors should be wary of unusually low prices or good bargains. Check the advertised price against the recommended retail price – what might seem like a bargain could leave you with a poor-quality imitation of the Bearbrick figure. Bear(brick) in mind if a website asks you to pay using a money order, preloaded money card, direct bank transfer, wire transfer, or direct debit to an unusual account, something fishy is going on there.

Bearbrick Javier Calleja (Fuck) 1000%

As a reputable seller of art and toys, everything here at 2B Art & Toys Gallery is strictly authentic. Every item you will find here is checked thoroughly by our team of professionals, so you can buy with us in confidence and enjoy your premium artworks and toys, without any uncertain authenticity issues.


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