Ruth Minola Scheibler MOZAIKON at 2B Art Gallery

The Fragmented Universe of Ruth Minola Scheibler

Her mesmerizing art lies somewhere between the natural phenomenon and metaphor of our world. The best way to describe her art would be like looking through a kaleidoscope. She crafts un unexpected whimsical forms that keep you captivating. Her name is Ruth Minola Scheibler aka MOZAIKON, one of the biggest stars in the world of mosaic art. Ruth is a visual artist and designer based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Her focus is on mosaic processes and materials – working in fine art and temporary installations, urban interventions as well as private, public, commercial commissions, and teaching.

Recently she had a very successful art exhibition at 2B Art & Toys Gallery. After the dust has settled down, we caught up with Ruth to find out more about her art, her inspirations, beginnings, and much more.

Ruth Minola Scheibler - Cluster 2 artwork

2B: How did you start? Do you remember your first artwork or mural?

Ruth: Surrounded by a lot of artisans and artists in my family I have been inclined to visual ways of expressing myself since an early age. I think in high school at the age of 16 or so I knew that this was the direction I am going to take. It was also the first time I painted several murals in my schoolyard, the car of my friend, or my hair in a very colorful manner

Ruth Minola Scheibler - Ali artwork

2B: What inspires you?

Ruth: I think the natural world, biology, geology, cosmology, has always been and still are my major source of inspiration, but I also drew a lot of fascination from figures in art history, their work, their lifestyle guided me to take the steps I took.

Ruth Minola Scheibler - Nebula artwork

2B: Why urban art and not another?

Ruth: For me, urban art is one of the freest forms of art. People should reclaim urban space as their natural habitat and be able to shape it aesthetically.

Ruth Minola Scheibler - Cluster artwork

2B: Galleries, museums, or street walls?

Ruth: Everything has it’s own fascination and audience.

Ruth Minola Scheibler - Chasing Horizon artwork

2B: Tell us a place where you always wanted to paint a mural?

Ruth: Every opportunity is welcome.

Ruth Minola Scheibler - Micasatucasa artwork

2B: If you wanted your message to reach a specific audience in a powerful and transcendent way, where would you make your work or where would you place it?

Ruth: I like the idea of a collaborating network and that everyone is an artist. So I have several times worked in series of a large number of pieces and let people distribute them.

Ruth Minola Scheibler - Animamigrante artwork

2B: Which technique do you most identify with?

Ruth: Mosaic tecniques. I love the connotation of something eternal mosaics have. The possibilities are just endless and the results are always mesmerizing. Tiny pieces that form a whole. Just as our universe is built.

Ruth Minola Scheibler - Cluster 1 artwork

2B: If you weren’t an artist, what would you have been?

Ruth: An acrobat.

Ruth Minola Scheibler - Iceberg artwork

2B: Do you think that Street Art today has ceased to be something transgressive and has become a formal category of art?

Ruth: I believe every category of art can be transgressive as well as a lot of ‚street art‘ has become way too formal.

Ruth Minola Schleiber Working in her Studio

2B: Do you listen to music when you paint, and if so, which one?

Ruth: Yes, often listening to music is essential to get me into the zone. I love the world of Laurie Andersson, Brian Eno, Nina Simone but also a lot of rock classics, experimental music, and world music.