Nick Walker artwork in a modern living room

Nick Walker & Vandal Strike Again



Guess who’s back?

Nick Walker and our favorite art Vandal are back with some new, bold statements. And quite frankly, we missed them. We missed their raw energy of vandalism, we missed their magic brush and the battle they fight against the oppressor. Artists like Nick Walker have made the public salivate with anticipation as they await his next creative exploits. And here they are ❤

Nick Walker - Vandal painting
Nick Walker – Vandal

The element of surprise, the public and free nature of the work, the tinge of illegality, the idea of turning vandalism into beauty are all important elements of Vandal’s impeccable oeuvre.

Nick Walker - V painting
Nick Walker – V

Communicating directly with the public allows Vandal to present socially relevant content while at the same time beautifying the bleak sprawl of urban decay.

FTP Digital Design

While society is under the state of one-sided informational conversation with advertisements, Vandal creates a dialogue with the capitalist system and government censure of message delivery systems.

Nick Walker - FTP painting
Nick Walker – FTP

Most of his messages are about questioning the mainstream ideologies, consumerism, autocracy, “fake” democracy, politics, and other burning topics of modern society.

Nick Walker - Oh Fuck painting
Nick Walker – Oh Fuck

But when we think about it, somehow it is really a paradox that being “brainwashed” by propaganda costs money and it is considered legal while getting “enlightened” by street art is free, but it is considered to be illegal and is being terminated by most of the local authorities.

Oh Fuck Digital Design

And that’s what Vandal is against. And that is exactly what Nick Walker’s new pieces are all about. With the festive season approaching, the timing of these masterpieces is perfect.

So strike while the iron is hot.


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