setdebelleza paints mural

Live Art Evening With setdebelleza

Art lessons folks. Gather round and get ready to be blown away. The great setdebelleza is putting up a show. Live painting evening by setdebelleza at 2B Art Gallery in Portals Nous on the 2nd of June.

setdebelleza live painting performance at 2B Art Gallery

Live painting sessions are performances that feature an artist painting in front of a live audience. Basically an art performance of mesmerizing and transformative artistic expressions. And exactly that is guaranteed with setdebelleza’s powerful performance. Although is a purely temporary work of art, its impact, message, and the notion behind it will remain. Live painting is a captivating, engaging, and mind-opening art performance that will seduce you and make you stop to think for a second, and perhaps even make you question the notions around it, the world, and ourselves.

Astir restaurant menu

After the live art evening with setdebelleza, experience culinary innovation as visionary chef Miquel Clar will showcase his passion, talent, and gastronomic imagination on the terrace of Astir Restaurant. Here you can make online dinner reservations.

Step Into the Ironic Universe of setdebelleza

As a renowned member of the modern pop art movement, setdebelleza is celebrated for his painterly expressiveness and extravagant devotion to color and surface materiality. His truly remarkable paintings and prints sought to break with the past and propose a new artistic style and experimental mode of expression commensurate with the realities of modern life. Full of bright, weird, and often quirky pop culture characters, setdebelleza’s artworks are tapping into the narrative potential of contemporary painting.

setdebelleza spray can

As soon as we scratch beneath the surface, beneath his cartoon-like figures, we discover complex ideas that represent the true power of art. By creating easily comprehensible images with unique characters, his art mirrors the social situations of our everyday life. Through his meticulously created paintings and silk-screen prints, setdebelleza sends a subtly expressive message of social criticism.

Photos: setdebelleza