Gràcia Ribalaiga creates collage art

Live Art Evening With Gràcia Ribalaiga

Discover the secrets, mysteries, hidden meanings, and stories behind Gràcia Ribalaiga’s brilliant collage art at the Live Art evening at 2B Art Gallery on the 8th of September. Yes, you’re in for a spectacular art evening. Gràcia Ribalaiga will teach you to do things like utilizing color and scale, exploring the beauty in everyday objects, and so much more in one picturesque evening filled with wonderful art, food, and music.

Gracia Ribalaiga in her studio
Gràcia Ribalaiga with her amazing artworks

Live art sessions are performances that feature an artist creating art in front of a live audience. Basically an art performance of mesmerizing and transformative artistic expressions. And exactly that is guaranteed with Gràcia Ribalaiga’s live art session.

Gracia Ribalaiga street artwork
Gràcia Ribalaiga’s street art piece

Although it might be a purely temporary work of art, its impact, message, and the notion behind it will remain. Live art is a captivating, engaging, and mind-opening art performance that will seduce you and make you stop to think for a second, and perhaps even make you question the notions around it, the world, and ourselves.

balaiga-05-SUR LA PLAGE•FashionGoesOn - 2B-21
Gràcia Ribalaiga – Fashion Goes On

A collage is a form of visual art in which visual elements are combined to create a new image that conveys a message or idea. Through her tongue-in-cheek assemblage techniques, Gràcia Ribalaiga brilliantly shows us the fundamental concept of what it is to create art, whilst offering a prismatic reflection of the social change and upheaval of the contemporary world.

Gracia Ribalaiga exhibition at 2B Art & Toys Gallery
Gràcia Ribalaiga at 2B Art Gallery

By blending and mixing images, and printed materials, Gràcia creates striking works of collage that dazzle the eye and offer a unique perspective on the world around us. Cutting, ripping, pasting, and overlaying different textures and materials, Gràcia is a constant seeker, a perfectionist within imperfection.

Her artworks give us that feeling as if somehow we are walking down memory lane. Once we scratch beneath the surface and analyze Gràcia’s remarkable collages, we can discover they are filled with social critiques and show brilliant humor and irony.

Gracia Ribalaiga in front of her street art collage
Gràcia Ribalaiga in front of her street art collage

The aim of this art evening will be to stimulate your senses by fusing art and taste. This lovely art session will be followed by a Mediterranean cuisine dinner brought to you exclusively by the chef Miquel Clar, next to the sea, on the terrace of the restaurant Astir. Together with Astir Restaurant, 2B Art Gallery is prepared to give you a truly magical night to remember and tastes to savor.

Photos: graciaribalaiga_paper