Inkterrorist paints in his studio

Introducing InkTerrorist, A New Artist To Our Gallery

InkTerrorist, one of the best emerging street artists from Spain, has joined 2B Art & Toys Gallery

The great Pablo Picasso once said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” That is exactly how can we describe InkTerrorist and his witty art. No doubt, this emerging artist is on his way to becoming a great artist.

InkTerrorist with his dog in studio

Inkterrorist is a rising star of Mallorca’s street art scene. This self-taught artist brilliantly “steals” from other artists – he selects elements from another artist’s work and incorporates them into his own unique mix of influences.

Gril with a bitcoin by Inkterrorist

The result is usually something very extraordinary, something to admire and enjoy. Inkterrorist bases his work on the paradox between the visible and the invisible. He symbolically places his artworks in absurd and whimsical scenarios in and around the city streets.

A spray can is a powerful tool

Inkterrorist in his studio

Recognizable, funny, and quite intriguing, his pieces give a viewer a second thought about our society and life in general. Some of his artworks are very thought-provoking and often controversial.

Inkterrorist President of the Earth

Through his amusing art forms, Inkterorist expresses beauty, support, and dissent on the streets of Mallorca.

Mondream piece by InkTerrorist

Inkterrorist’s pieces are meant to shake up the equilibrium of an urban dweller. And that is what they truly do.

Inkterrorist creates street art

His work is full of irony and a positive sense of humor, seeking to inspire a smile and a thought. Inkterrorist’s artistic expression makes a political, social, and humorous statement. Besides leaving his marks on the streets of Mallorca, Inkterrorist works in the sphere of digital art, creating and trading with NFTs.

Inkterrorist's piece on the streets of Mallorca

Many artists think that they are not truly thinking creatively unless they come up with something that is wholly original. But with Inkterrorist, that is not the case. Inspiration is recognizing that influence and turning it into something new. Inkterrorist’s brilliant style may recontextualize, remix, substitute, or otherwise mashup existing work to create something new and catchy.

Inkterrorist paints mural

It is safe to say Inkterrorist’s art will leave a lasting impression. Simply stunning and seductive!

Photos: Inkterrorist