setdebelleza Flash Exhibition
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Join us for an evening of contemporary art, good music and fantastic food. Entry is free, dinner reservations available.


Diego Etcheverry aka setdebelleza, is a prominent Spanish artist, illustrator, and graphic designer with experience as an art director. Drawing his inspiration from sources in popular and commercial culture, setdebelleza creates eye-catching artworks with a powerful impact on contemporary life. Through his tongue-and-cheeky style, reflected in his continued interest in using media beyond simply paint and canvas, setdebelleza magically flirts with the viewer and makes him think outside the box.

DJ Vik-T

DJ Vik-T is a well-known and very versatile Spanish DJ. His sessions range from funk, disco, and the warmer soul to the more underground house. Through his distinct style and energy, Vik-T makes unforgettable rhythmic nights.

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