Crew On View Group Exhibition

The CREW ON VIEW project is more than an exhibition. It is an open and changing project from 16/09/2021 to 28/10/2021. As if the show is a workshop of several artists, drawn together for the love of art. 2B Art & Toys Gallery proudly presents the work of eight top local Urban Art artists. Every Thursday the exhibition will change, it will be renewed and visitors will be able to interact with the artists. For those who want to extend the evening, the Astir restaurant offers a night of music and signature tapas for a fixed price of 30€.

Exhibited Artworks

Joan Aguiló

Joan Aguiló’s art is a form of storytelling where all his marvelous artworks create conversations and a joyous celebration of life. His both indoor and outdoor artworks possess a timeless quality that continues to appeal to young and old alike. He is also known for putting great detail into his art to truly convey the stories from our memories. By exploring the dualistic perception of creation and evolution, Joan’s art portrays the embodiment of transcendent calm.

Carolina Adán

Through a unique mix of pop and street art, Carolina Adán’s artworks are simultaneously seductive and confrontational, challenging common stereotypes and their artificiality. In order to more closely connect with her audience, she is pushing us to question societal hierarchy and the perception of identity. By incorporating elements of slick fashion and vibrant advertising imagery, Carolina’s work juxtaposes notions of glamour and flawlessness in our contemporary world.

Abraham Calero

Abraham Calero is one of the emerging creatives who is moving the culture, discovering and promoting untold narratives. His subjects are in relation to the popular art scene and are implemented by the distinctive and calculated approach to street art. In his witty and brilliant works, we can find a neo-pop variation of other famous pop art artists’ subjects, but also some neo-expressionist and street-art influences. His sometimes satirical art is raising questions about notions of public space and expected behaviors.

Javier Garló

By questioning our contemporary society, his own generation, and even the loss of values happening to humanity, Javier Garló explores the human being throughout history and our stories in a timeless way. All his work revolves around his personal research, which has become a kind of invisible thread that unifies his work intrinsically. Javier’s art has a very personal and innovative note. His artworks meet the eye and evoke emotion through an expression of skill and imagination.

Gràcia Ribalaiga

As a contemporary collage artist, Gràcia Ribalaiga works with the medium in ways that offer us new notions of what collage can be and how it reflects on the world around us. Her collage artworks give us unique and raw versions of the world we live in. This results in an incredibly diverse range of topics and themes, at times revealing the artist’s most intimate and emotional moments, at other times presenting seemingly banal situations or bizarre everyday experiences.

Ruth Minola Scheibler

Ruth Minola Scheibler is a visual artist and designer whose focus is on mosaic processes and materials. She is fascinated by the process of decomposing and recomposing things, both physically and metaphorically speaking. By taking up motifs from mythology, biology, and geology, she develops them into a whole new context. From microcosm to macrocosm, from the entity to unity always looking for the essential, by investigating the connection between material properties and their associations.


Drawing his inspiration from sources in popular and commercial culture, setdebelleza creates eye-catching artworks with a powerful impact on contemporary life. Through his tongue-and-cheeky style, reflected in his continued interest in using media beyond simply paint and canvas, setdebelleza magically flirts with the viewer and makes him think outside the box. Once we scratch beneath the surface, beneath his cartoon-like figures, we discover complex ideas that represent the true power of art.


Fascinated by the aesthetics found in letters, TwoFlü dares to delve deep into the shape of a word, approaching the challenge differently. His perplexing style is rooted in calligraphy, but playfully moving towards abstract painting, all perfectly blended within street art. He creates sophisticated typefaces that build graphic narratives where his letter compositions convey powerful messages that go beyond the literal meaning of a phrase.

DJ Mauri Music Mixologist

DJ Mauri Music Mixologist has been the resident DJ at the Iberostar Grand Portals Nous since last year. His sessions are inspired by different musical styles, where he creates unique sets adapted to the energy of each night.

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Exhibited Artworks