Dadara In Mindfuck we trust limited edition print detail

Dadara “In Mindfuck We Trust” Print Release

2B Art Gallery is proud to announce the new limited edition print release of Dadara, a true master of urban art. “In Mindfuck We Trust” print is the latest piece in 2B Editions, an ever-growing collection of unique limited edition prints. Dadara is a rare find as an artist, with an astounding command of a broad range of techniques, aesthetics, and methods. He demonstrates mastery in printmaking and drawing through his eye-catching artworks that have a powerful impact on contemporary life. And that is exactly what Dadara does best, mixes art with humor and absurdity, to make heavy topics of our contemporary world more digestible. Dadara brilliantly uses art as a wake-up call with a dash of gallows humor. He is raising awareness and commenting on what we promote and embrace as a society even when those things are destructive.

Limited edition print by Dadara - In Mindfuck we Trust
Limited edition print by Dadara – In Mindfuck we Trust

In Mindfuck We Trust

Edition: 30 + 5 AP + 3 HC

Somerset Satin White 300 Gsm Paper

Paper size: 50cm x 50cm


This striking limited edition print “In MindFuck We Trust” has a few avenues for interpretation. Primarily, this astonishing print is a call to humans to do the right thing and open their minds before is too late. It’s all about the big picture issues like human dignity and government responsibility in ways that we can unify and stop being like sheep, subconsciously following a minority of individuals. This print is a call to become our better selves. And remember, our brain is the key. We can also see Dadara’s “In MindFuck We Trust” print as a tribute to idealists who are against government control, to those who cultivate justice and hold optimism close to their hearts and minds. The thing is, people all around the world face challenges and oppressions, but exterior forces don’t control our inner strength and idealism. Idealism leads to action. Those who perpetrate injustice rely on apathy to get away with their misdeeds. Nurture your inner idealism, and your constructive actions will follow. Strive to become an anomaly. Be a leader. Be independent. Don’t be part of the herd. Lead the herd.

And whatever you do, open your mind!

Printing Process

Dadara limited edition print printing process
Dadara In Mindfuck we trust printing process
Dadara limited edition print In Mindfuck We Trust

Printed by Krijger Vormgave.