Brian Adam Douglas

Douglas was born in Garland, Texas and was raised in Plano, Texas. At eighteen he moved to New York City to attend the School of Visual Arts where he graduated in 1994.


Street art

Douglas’ work first came to the public's attention through his street art—wheat-pasted collages and chalk drawings made under the name Elbow-Toe. As his street art evolved from simple character designs to more complex collages and linocuts, Douglas began to draw the attention of the gallery world, progressing to group shows in London, Los Angeles and New York .

Cut Paper Paintings
Beginning in 2007, Douglas began exhibiting works made entirely out of paper. He refers to his process as paper paintings rather than as collage. "I see each piece of paper as a brushstroke rather than as a juxtaposed idea." The cut paper paintings developed out of a desire to produce work for the street that would be easier to produce, but over time the process became much more labor-intensive,[7] with most pieces taking between three and six months to produce.

Brian Adam Douglas