"The Daxhound" Unique Stencil Painting By Dotmaster

Daxhound by Dotmaster

Artist: Dotmaster

Medium: Stencil Painting 

Size: 75cm x 56 cm  

Year: 2012

Edition: Unique painting 

Signed by: Dotmaster

Framing: Will be delivered with white wood frame 

Location: Fifth Floor

Known for his impeccably detailed work, Dotmaster creates captivating artworks by adding a brilliant sense of humor.

Dachshunds are the very "hot dog" or "hound dog" celebrated in so many works of art. This Daxhound artwork celebrates a famous hunting breed in all of its long-bodied glory. This staggering artwork lets you highlight this breed's legendary handsomeness and character traits in the decor of your wall.

You can admire his works in our art gallery, reception and on the fifth floor of the hotel.

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