Thomas Marecki


"With my installment, I basically want to create a parallel approach to common things. Link and connect things which are otherwise considered disparate elements, and thus create a present that is both absurd and real - just like today's reality."

Thomas Marecki is a German multidisciplinary artist. His works present an interpretation of various networks, time frames, experiences, and the general surroundings of modern-day existence. With his distinctive and very personal style, Thomas explores the deep and perplexing side of human beings. His paintings give a mind-blowing interpretation of how realism is felt and experienced in the cyber society, and are still dominating the contemporary art scene nowadays.

By mixing popular culture with the reality of our lives, Thomas’ brilliant artworks dive deep into cinematography and advertising and create a fragmented image of these streamlines and their icons. In his art, there are hidden elements from advertising and different types of symbols of common knowledge.

Thomas Marecki has exhibited in many galleries and art fairs around the world. He has also worked on many films: Super Lo8 ( 1997 ), Super Lo8 Pt.2 ( 2001 ), Gas DVD Super Lo8 Chronicles ( 2003 ), Design Exchange, and Gravity Noir ( 2003 ). Aside from galleries and films, his art can be found in many publications: –Lodown Graphic Engineering Pt.1 ( 1999 ), Die Gestalten Verlag, Schizophrenic! Lodown graphic engineering Pt.2 ( 2000 ), Die Gestalten Verlag, M – transforming language ( 2002 ), Die Gestalten Verlag, Gasbook 16 Marok ( 2004 ), Design Exchange, Superstar35 ( 2005 ), Adidas.

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