Tavar Zawacki



"ABOVE was my graffiti moniker. In 2001 I decided to stop painting the traditional letter style graffiti of A-B-O-V-E, and instead create a universally recognized icon that represented the optimistic and powerful message to ‘RISE ABOVE.’"

Tavar Zawacki aka Above is an American abstract street artist who rose to fame with his iconic signature of arrows art. In his own words: "The arrow icon I painted was representational of the powerful mentality to Rise Above fears, challenges, and anything holding you back from your goals." Through this unique art, he rejects the rules of traditional art, placing an emphasis on color, composition, and emotion.

Above has developed a new, recognizable style of art combining abstraction and street art. Expressing himself through bold colors, dynamic movement, and strong lines, he creates works that open dialogues between the viewer and their surroundings. His brilliant artworks have a dose of spontaneity, energy, and dynamism, allowing us to become an integral part of the artwork. Continually at the forefront of street art, Above is known for dealing with the imagery that celebrates the true essence of abstract compositions with colored shapes and straight edges.

"I'm a self-taught artist having gained my knowledge through the trials and errors of my creative process." For us, arrows are some simple patterns with just a practical use but the artist has shown us over the years that there are more meanings to this international symbol and that it can take an astonishing number of shapes, colors, and forms.

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