Taquen is a Spanish visual artist and muralist whose works are metaphorical windows or portals for time travel to distant and not-so-distant histories of our societies. He creates a visual language to reconsider the complexities and peripheries of history. Taquen points to fissures in our human narrative by addressing hidden structures of contemporary society, institutional devices, and power imbalances to help us see the world differently.

By using allegory and narrative, Taquen explores natural and human elements to speak metaphorically of our relationships, our feelings, and our instincts. His research is based on his own experience within the natural environment, a place to which he devotes most of his time, from where he also extracts his speech. By trying to become part of it, Taquen's work seeks mimicry or is a direct dialogue with the environment in which he finds himself. We see Taquen as a keen observer of the human condition, whether he is showing us the other side of everyday life or expressing compassion in his powerful images, he does it majestically.

He often explores the effects of nature and modern societies, questioning how they shape or control behavior. Taquen uses the line as the main element in his work, always accompanied by a palette of colors that are mostly warm, pastel tones and without excessive contrast or saturation, a palette harmonized with the place. Over the years, Taquen has participated in many urban art festivals, won different prizes, and worked for major brands or projects both nationally and internationally.

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