Carlos García aka Spogo is a Spanish contemporary artist and muralist known for his abstract approach to street art. His remarkable art can take many different forms, from geometric patterns and abstract designs to free-form expressionist compositions that explore texture, line, and color. Spogo's artistic expression seeks to engage viewers in new and unexpected ways, challenging them to look beyond the familiar and explore the limitless possibilities of the urban landscape.

We can view Spogo's art as non-objective abstract art, with a mission of emphasizing the visual mode to express the "inner necessity" and to convey universal human emotions and ideas. Spogo's works are characterized by a dynamic interplay of color and form, with shapes and lines that seem to vibrate and pulse with energy. His paintings and murals often feature geometric shapes such as circles, triangles, and squares, that convey a symbolic meaning and evoke specific emotions or moods.

Every passerby who spots Spogo's mural is invited to engage with the work on a more personal and intuitive level, interpreting its meaning and significance based on their own experiences and associations. Spogo's art may not tell a specific story in the same way that representational art does, but it can be just as powerful and thought-provoking, challenging viewers to look beyond the surface of the artwork and engage with its underlying meaning and emotion. During the last ten years, Spogo has participated in multiple urban art festivals, national and international, and has been part of organized individual exhibitions and collective events all over the world.

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