Slim Safont


Slim Safont is a well-known Spanish contemporary artist who creates larger-than-life murals. His breathtaking murals and his pictorial research represent the constant search for a personal and representative view of the social aspects that he considers significant around him, through figurative, realistic pictorial language and neo-impressionist character. Slim Safont creates dramatic and mesmerizing artworks which wonderfully fuse together various street art motifs and a rather ambitious realist painting.

His masterful artistic creations, which comprise grandiose murals, canvases, and opulent print editions and exquisitely blend traditional and contemporary elements, are some of the most captivating examples of modern art. Slim Safont's remarkable art provides an antidote to his sometimes sentimental evocations of duty and honor, as he draws inspiration from the everyday absurdity of our society. At the core of his work is the inextricable link between the social environments he works within, and the everyday experiences they produce. Through the medium of photography and painting, he explores themes of education, indoctrination, human behavior, and the wielders of power around him. A sensational lucid dream rather than actual reality, Slim Safont creates visual poetry.

Versatile both in the studio and in public, Slim Safont has painted murals and exhibited his paintings all over the world. Apart from the creation of murals and his participation in various muralism projects internationally, his work-study has involved him being part of other artistic circuits such as exhibitions or shows, both with art galleries as well as more alternative exhibition spaces.

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