Madsaki is a famous Japanese artist whose art brilliantly tackles consumerism and mass symbology. His art gives us a mind-blowing interpretation of how realism is felt and experienced in a cyber society. In his work, we can see how an image that belonged to advertising and comics, is transposed to a different scale and used to create icons that are highly related to the mass.

Madsaki has developed his own way of approaching painting and modern pop art symbols. He playfully examines cinematography, art history, and advertising and creates a fragmented image of these streamlines and their icons. Through his homage artworks, we perceive a unique way of his neo-pop shapes that are in close relation to some of the masters of pop art and their ground-breaking artworks. By using branded or commercial symbolism, Madsaki is incorporating logos or impersonal imagery to reinforce the idea that art could be inspired by anything and everything, not just history, mythology, or morality.

Born in Osaka in 1974 and relocated to New Jersey at a young age, Madsaki graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York (BFA, 1996) and was a member of the international artist group Barnstormers before starting his solo career. He has exhibited all over the world, and to name a few of his solo exhibitions: "1984" Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo; "If I Had a Dream" Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong; "Madsucky Wuz Here 2018" Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo; "French Fries with Mayo" Galerie Perrotin, Paris, France; "Combination Platter" Central Embassy, Bangkok, Thailand, and many others.

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