The London Police


Despite the fact their name sounds stern, The London police is an art duo of two great guys with a passion for art and a mission to make this world a prettier place. Through their famous characters called ‘Lads’, Chaz Barrisson and Bob Gibson leave their mark on streets all over the world. Their oeuvre has been challenging the audience for two decades now. The journey of The London Police started way back in 1998 when Chaz and Bob decided to give Amsterdam streets and walls a better visual look. As a part of the small group of artists and after a few years of traveling and painting around the globe, The London Police soon began making a name in the world of street art.

With the now-iconic character “Lads”, which reflects their personal feelings, the duo has been gracing streets around the world and putting smiles on people’s faces. In a couple of years, the duo created more than a thousand characters on the streets worldwide. The work of The London Police is the result of very good trained skills. Each piece is handmade, and the interesting fact is that they don’t use stencils, and they show the good ability to draw perfect lines and circles in almost any dimension, shape, or size. Whether it’s a small artwork or a massive wall, The London Police draws them flawlessly. Over the years, the unique style of The London Police has taken them to the podium with some of the greatest street artists of today.

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