Lauren YS


"I make work about the female experience, sexuality, identity, space, aliens, heritage, death, monsters, nature, emotions, natural phenomena, the occult, and whatever else I might be obsessing about. I want the viewer to feel unsettled as much as engaged. I make things in an effort to try to process the beautiful shit rocket that is the world around me."

Lauren YS is an American multitalented artist who made her name in the art world with her eye-catching artworks. Influenced by dreams, mythology, death, comics, love, sex, psychedelia, animation, and her Asian-American heritage, Lauren YS creates and shares her unique part of the personal universe with her audience. She paints murals in a bold and rebellious manner, creating imaginary worlds full of maverick characters that fight for their noble cause.

This artist is brilliantly tackling topics like sexuality, death, aliens, monsters, and the occult. Her amazing oeuvre spans from large-scale murals to small prints and paintings. She calls the experience of making large-scale art a “spiritual” act because they often provide and make a larger-than-life mirror for marginalized people in landscapes where they may not often be reflected. In today's art world, Lauren YS's art is something truly refreshing and eye-catching.

Lauren YS has completed a residency and solo show at Nychos' Rabbit Eye Movement studio in Vienna, and has since shown work and live-painted at various international art festivals and institutions. Festivals include Art Basel Miami, Pow!Wow! Hawaii, PangeaSeed SeaWalls (New Zealand), Pow!Wow! Long Beach, Wallskar Festival China.

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