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Kostas Seremetis is an American painter, sculptor, and filmmaker. The son of Greek immigrants from Greece, Kostas is known for his brilliant mix of pop-culture references. He finds his inspiration in imagery from comic books, science fiction, classic paintings, animation cartoons, graffiti, and Greek mythology.

Over the years, Kostas has established a large international following, exhibiting in major art centers around the world, from Paris, Berlin, and London to New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. He started exhibiting at the age of 19 in Boston. In 1994, he was commissioned by the Warner Bros. Studio Store, where he had three sold-out exhibitions. His successful and varied art career is spanning over two decades, Seremetis has shown at museums (Parco Museum, Tokyo; Triennale Museum, Milan, Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico), galleries (V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, The Hole Shop, NY, Anonymous Gallery, NY) and is in many private collections worldwide.

He has worked on films, using footage from popular movies by creating split-screen films. In his Star Wars trilogy, which was shown at the Sydney underground film festival in 2011, Seremetis edited this 126-minute film, taking the left third of Star Wars, the middle third of Empire Strikes Back and the right third of Return of the Jedi, synchronizing them into one film. He also worked with the New York-based rapper A$AP Rocky on his music video on YouTube titled "Riot Rave". Seremetis created the artwork and the video's packaging. From paintings and sculptures to film and music, Kostas Seremetis has truly conquered all aspects of art.

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